Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci & Fruška Gora By Car - Private tour for minimum 2 persons

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If you want to experience the capital of Vojvodina, Sremski Karlovci and Fruška Gora in a day, this private car tour is perfect for you!


Novi Sad sightseeing tour
Sremski Karlovci sightseeing
Fruška Gora tour
Visit to monasteries Grgeteg and Velika Remeta
Walking tour
Car ride

Tour description:

We will start this tour by picking you up from your hotel or any other location in central Novi Sad that you prefer. We then head to the top of the Petrovaradin Fortress where we will step out of our car to enjoy the grand panoramic view of Novi Sad and talk about its history and its relation to its older, though smaller, twin Petrovaradin. Afterwards we will get back into our ride, slide down to the Lower Town to see some of its most noteworthy buildings, including the 18th century Church of St George.

Next, we'll make a long ride around the whole of the fortress and then across the most imposing of Novi Sad’s bridges – the Liberty Bridge. As we arrive on the other riverbank we will enjoy a fine view of the city’s best and most famous beach called Štrand and then descend down to the large traffic artery Bulevar Oslobodjenja or simply put – the Boulevard, as the locals call it. Driving along this lengthy thoroughfare we will see some of the important buildings here, including the grand NIS building and the Vojvodina football stadium.

Turning towards the city center we will pass by the imposing Synagogue and then drive across the small Newlyweds Square. Passing through a quiet neighborhood of old villas and houses we reach the imposing Banovina building, a 1930s modernist masterpiece nowadays housing the government of Vojvodina.

Arriving back to the banks of the Danube, we will pass the monument to the Novi Sad Raid, dedicated to the victims of the 1941 massacre. Next, we'll drive into the University campus of Novi Sad. A few minutes later and we will be in front of the “Chinese Quarter”, the heart of the city’s alternative culture where we will step out to explore a few of its alleys.

Back in our car we will drive pass the so-called Iodine Spa in Futog Park as well as by the old abandoned barracks next to it.

After a tour of Novi Sad, we take you to the historic Sremski Karlovci, a place of great importance for Serbian history and culture.  Sightseeing of the city center and its biggest sights (Fountain Four Lions, Gymnasium, Patriarchate, etc.).  If you like, we can visit one of the famous wineries, where you will taste the famous Karlovac wines. 

After finishing our visit to Sremski Karlovci, we will drive towards the Fruška Gora National Park, where we will visit the most beautiful viewpoints, picnic areas and other places of this beautiful mountain, which was once an island in the ancient Pannonian Sea.

 Visits to the monasteries of Grgeteg and Velika Remeta are included in the visit to Fruška Gora. Otherwise, they call Fruska Gora "the Serbian Holy Mountain" because of the presence of numerous monasteries erected between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. 

We end our tour either by driving you to your hotel or by dropping you off in the city center next to the SNP theatre. In case of nice weather, we could end our tour at the Štrand Beach or, if you prefer culture to sunbathe, at the Galleries Square where no less than three excellent art museums await you.

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Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci & Fruška Gora By Car - Private tour for minimum 2 persons (4)


    The driver/guide arrived pubtually at our hotel. He is a very prudent person to drive, peacefull and with a very good diction and although we would have wanted a Spanish speaker, his tone of voice and diction allowed us to understand all his explanations.

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