Wildlife Tour: Jadovnik Observation of Brown Bears and Griffon Vultures

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Feel the nature and watch brown bears, griffon vultures, and other wildlife in their natural habitat and get acquainted with all the details related to their protection.


Getting acquainted with the work of the Kašan feeding facility through a multimedia presentation
Getting to know the features about wildlife, habitat, and coexistence with the species
Observation of a brown bear
Observation of Griffon vulture
Discovering beauties and hidden charms of the mountain Jadovnik

Tour description:

Kašan - Wildlife Refuge for griffon vultures nesting in the Mileševka Gorge (the second largest breeding pair in the Republic of Serbia) and other wild animals was formed in 2009. During 2010, a special feeding ground for a brown bear was formed.

 Guests will have a multimedia presentation on the feeding site where they will have the opportunity to see and receive all the necessary information about how the feeding facility works, to see all the details about how the bear Milos was put on the GPS frame, and to hear how the food store provides food. They will see and hear all the interesting stories about the users of this feed.

There are three wildlife feeders and rare birds, as well as six cameras. Video surveillance and cameras at the Kašan feeder at an altitude of 1307 m altitude non-stop follow and record current events. About 35 tonnes of food of animal origin (dead livestock and soft tissues) are brought to this feed site annually. In addition to this feeding site, a brown bear feeding station has been set up to cover plant food-cereals. About 750 kg of cereals, usual corn, are brought to the brown bear feeder during the year.

After waking up at 4:00 am and leaving the property, guests in 4x4 off-road vehicles leave for Kasan. The scheduled departure time for the feeding site is around 04: 30h. The guide-ranger will give them all the information they need about the feeding area, as well as pointing them to the tracks of this wildlife. Arrival at the feeding site, where we will spend an unforgettable time in the next few hours And if we are lucky we will see the most interesting residents of these feeding sites.

 Arrival to the observation posts, which serves as a video surveillance base and a facility that can stay for some time without disturbing the animals at the feeding site. All necessary items and equipment must be brought with you. The facility has all the necessary equipment that otherwise serves researchers and photographers to take attractive photographs. At 400 m from the feeder, the so-called. a large observation deck accessible to all visitors, from which they can observe the feeding area. The number of conditions is limited in each of the observation posts to minimize interference with brown bears and other wildlife

In Milesevka Canyon, the brown bear was first seen more than 20 years ago, and this canyon is also one of the three habitats of griffon vultures in Serbia. In addition to these animals, foxes, wolves, wild pigs, and black vultures can also be seen here.

During your visit to the Kasan feeding facility, and if you are lucky, there is a chance to see the brown bear Milos. The brown bear Milos, from 2017, wears a GPS collar with him and informs us daily about his movement. In addition to moving in this way, we also see when Milos is hungry when he sleeps a little, and when he sleeps in the winter, we also see that he has not caused any of the hosts damage to their properties (livestock, hives, orchards, etc.) and we see the territory he uses for your life. Bear Milos is the RECORDER for the number of data he sent from the necklace. That number is about 16,000 data, which is a record that came from all marked bears in the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

We invite you to feel together with all the hidden charms and beauties of the poorly explored mountain Jadovnik, to watch together with the griffon vultures and the bear Milos, we have a special experience that only the untouched nature such as mountain Jadovnik provides.

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Serbian, English

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Transportation is done by off-road 4x4 vehicles.

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Tour guide-ranger services
Multimedia presentation
Transportation by off-road vehicle
Access to and stay in the feeding area

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