Ledinci is a settlement near Novi Sad, they a part of the Petrovaradin municipality, and it was built in the 13th century. A small settlement in its surrounding has a stone pit, hunting grounds and the source of St. Petka. The biggest attraction of this area was Lake Ledina whose future is uncertain.  The source of St. Petka is an 80-meter well, and it was buried in 1947. The first association on Ledinci is the famous lake. The lake was created in 1999 during bombing when the damaged pumps stopped drawing water from the abandoned quarry. Thanks to the underground water and two rivers, this space filled up and created an artificial lake of Fruška Gora, whose beauty is still witnessed today. By 2006, Ledinačko Lake was the favorite beach resort and had the status of a smaller tourist resort. After the stone fell from the cliff that injured several swimmers, the swimming pool was closed and a few years later it was drained. A stone-working firm should complete its work in 2019, after which the lake should be formed again. The idea is that the lake should be the center of a nature park, surrounded by landscaped terrains and terrains for different types of sports.  In the vicinity of Ledinci, there is an open-pit hunting area where fans of this sport can find wild boar, deer, fox, badger, rabbit and wild cat.

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