The buzz created when Djavolja varoš made it to the list of contestants for the new 7 natural wonders of the world in 2010, upgraded this site in the imagination of the average Serb to a phenomenon, unique in the whole wide world. Djavola varoš is an extraordinary natural phenomenon with an eerie atmosphere. Adding that it recently received a very good tourist infrastructure it makes it one of the sights you should not miss while in Serbia. From the parking, there is a fortes path with many small wooden bridges which span the creek of the Djački potok in whose reddish water there is no life whatsoever due to the high concentration of iron and sulphur. On the same path, you will pass the wooden church rebuilt on the 13th c foundations. The trees around the church are covered with cloths tied in knots since it is believed that this will tie the illness or pain to this place. The path leads you to the observation platform from where you can admire Djavolja varoš, consisting of two hundred earth columns and pyramids topped with stone caps. The columns are between 2 to 20 m high and 0.5 to 3 m wide, grouped or lined in rows. This phenomenon appeared due to the constant erosive processes: the caps on the top protect the columns while the rest of the ground is constantly washed away. The columns perpetually change in shape and as does their number - the old ones crumble and the new ones build up. The site owes its name to its unnatural and eerie looks, which are heightened in times when the wind makes creepy noises while passing through the columns. There are two folk legends explaining how Djavolja varoš emerged. The first one tells how the columns are actually children turned to stone by devils they had outsmarted. The second explains that devils wanted to marry a brother to a sister, however, in the last moment God reacted and turned this unholy wedding ceremony into stone. Next to the site is the highly mineralized Crveno vrelo spring, named for the red color of its iron-rich water. The concentration of this metal makes the water undrinkable but the locals deem that it is good for the skin and will always fill their plastic bottles. You should also take a peek at the mining shaft, a reminder of a medieval mine.

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