In the heart of the Šumadija, in the near vicinity of the town Topola, slowly arises the rocky hillside called Oplenac. Atop the forested Oplenac hill sits one of the nicest sights in the whole of Serbia – the mausoleum church of the Karadjordjević royal house. From the outside the five-domed church is covered in shiny white marble while inside of it visitors admire hundreds of scenes done in mosaics, all of them copies from medieval Serbian monasteries. In its crypt, we will see more mosaics as well as graves of 25 members of the Karadjordjević dynasty. Next door is the house of King Petar I, today a part of the museum with royal portraits and interesting historical items. Of the Oplenac’s rich soil and favorable climate testify the widely known Oplenac’s famous vineyards. The tradition of growing royal vines and making the royal wine began Karađorđe and is continued by his heirs. Today, nearly 12 acres are planted with the grapevines, while total production amasses the total of 15.000 to 20.000 liters of different varieties of wine, high in quality and rich in refined taste, which has won numerous gold medals in the past. Oplenac is known for good quality wine, but also for the now famous Oplenac harvest, also called grape and wine festival, which took place ever since 1962.

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