Perućac is a village in western Serbia, in the municipality of Bajina Bašta. It is situated at the right bank of the 346 km-long Drina River, which constitutes the natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Perućac gave a name to the artificial Perućac Lake, supplying the Bajina Bašta hydro-electric power plant, built in 1966 in the vicinity of the village. River "Year" in the settlement Perucac, about ten kilometers from Bajina Basta, running probably the shortest river in the world. Long is just 365 meters away, and many say that the river is spring, clear as the eye, long - a year. The swimming season lasts two months (July and August) at the lake beach is built on rafts, which is moored to the shore and can, if necessary, move to greater depths. Beach in Perucac has pontoons with swimming pools for children. Buoys the fenced area for swimming, permanent lifeguards are present on the shore and rescue boat on the water. Perućac is also where the 56 km-long canyon of the River Drina begins.

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