Nature park Mokra Gora is located between famous Serbian mountains Zlatibor and Tara. The unique beauty of this valley is a wavy relief, full of steep valleys and gorge, through which are passing three rivers: White Rzav, Black Rzav and Kriska River. This fact tells us that this area is rich in water, and it is no wonder that there are many mineral springs on Mokra Gora. Also, when the name Mokra Gora translates, it means: Wet Mountain. There is also a large number of mineral resources in this nature park. Some of them are healing, some are toxic, but certainly the best known is the source of White Waters. The second name for this source is the source of St. John the Baptist. A newly built church located there is dedicated to him. This source has an interesting legend, which you for sure can hear from your guide when you go to Mokra Gora. If you enjoy being in the nature, Mokra Gora is the right destination for you because there is a large number of forests, meadows and pastures that are waiting to be seen, so it is a real enjoyment to pass through this area. Mokra Gora has a great importance - it was once a part of a significant road route, which originated from the Roman period. Today, you can pass through the Šarganska osmica (Shargan Eight), take a ride with the old steam train Cira, which will lead you through wonderful areas, as well as a large number of exhibits, such as the display of old locomotives and wagons that look like an open-air museum. The visit to Mokra Gora should always be completed by visiting the unique ethno village Drvengrad, located on the hill Mecavnik, built by the famous Serbian film director Emir Kusutrica.

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