Though the youngest and smallest of nature reserves in Serbia, the enthusiasm of its keepers had made Zasavica on of the most interesting natural sights to visit. Lying in the lowland of Mačva, this slow river and the wetlands around it do not offer spectacular sights but are well mentained and oriented towards tourists, all of which are pleasantly surprised how much a modes place like this can offer. There are three ways to see wildlife of Zasavica. One is to get on a 7 km long cruise aboard "Umbra", an almost soundless ship that does not disturb the birds and animals, making it perfect for a photo safari. Your second option is to rent a boat and see how far you can get on the river. The boats come whit a long stick - the easiest way of manoeuvring in the shallow waters. The last option is to walk on the educational nature trail leading to Šumareva ćuprija.

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