Aleksandrovac is the town and seat of the municipality of the same name in the Rasina District.  The town was once called Kozetin, while its present name was given in 1882.  by King Alexander Obrenovic.  In this picturesque place, the famous "Parish Harvest" is a traditional event, but the place is also known for some cultural and historical institutions. The Native Parish Museum is a complex museum that houses an archeological, ethnographic and historical setting with about 3. 000 items and a library of about 1. 400 books.   The Museum of Viticulture and Enology is located in the old basement of the Agricultural School.  It is dedicated to the history of wines and vineyards in Serbia.  The most valuable items in the museum are four Neolithic figures from Vincent culture, found in the Vitkovac Field. Koznik Fortress is one of the best-preserved medieval fortresses.  It is located 8 km west of Aleksandrovac on a steep hill above Rasina. Rudenica Monastery from 15.  century is located seriously from Aleksandrovac in the direction of Trstenik.

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