Arandjelovac is a city located at the foot of the Bukulje and Venčac mountains 76 km south of Belgrade.  In the city itself is the famous Bukovica Spa. The city is administratively part of the Šumadija district with headquarters in Kragujevac. Arandjelovac is best known for its mineral water springs.  At the personal request of Prince Milos, Bukovica water was delivered and used in the court, and at the beginning of the 20th century, manual bottling of mineral water "Prince Milos" began. When it comes to water, it' worth mentioning the magnificent park of Bukovička Banja, which covers an area of ​​21.5 ha and which houses a permanent display of marble sculptures created by our most famous and world-class authors. There are two temples of the Holy Archangel Gabriel in Arandjelovac.  One is the one where Protas Athanasius served, while the other was erected by Prince Milos, after whom Arandjelovac was named.   The newly built Temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the village of Senicani is one of the largest in the area of Šumadia.  Nearby is the former medieval monastery of St. Archangel Michael in Brezovac, the chalet church in Venči and Darosava. The Aranđelovac Museum has its permanent exhibition to which the Neolithic Risovac Cave also belongs, and in the vicinity of which there is an ethnic-house. 10 km from Arandjelovac is the Garaško Lake, the favorite picnic area of ​​Arandjelovac citizens, next to which is a swimming pool, sports grounds and a restaurant..

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