Novi Pazar is a town in the Raska District, on the Raska River, in the center of the Novi Pazar Field or Stari Ras. It is located 297 km south of Belgrade, on a section of the old road that leads through Podgorica and the Adriatic Sea via the Ibar Highway. It is located in the valley of the Josanica, Raska, Dezevska, and Ljudska rivers, at an altitude of 496 meters. It is surrounded by the high mountains Golija and Rogozno and the Pester plateau. The region is rich in natural resources. It is a vast mountainous territory, optimally alternating between gentle and sharp climbs, river cuttings and valleys, plateaus, large conifer forests, vast meadows and pastures, and the area has extremely rich flora and fauna, the abundance of clean water, thermal and mineral springs. In addition to the natural and human resources, as well as numerous cultural monuments, Novi Pazar has great potential for sustainable development - healthy food production and tourism.

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