Kelebija is a small village in the north of Serbia, most famous for being a border crossing between Serbia and Hungary. However, it also has tourist attractions. The village has a Hungarian ethnic majority, which comes as no surprise since the border is quite near. It is best known for its famous horse stables, named after Kelebija itself. The ones who visit will have a chance to walk on the 20 hectares large property with modern barns that has a carriage museum, see cups and medals won in races and racing tracks. Not to mention that there is a beautiful lake and a park too. Stables are also famous for growing Lipizzaner horses there since 1993. The hosts will welcome you in the hall “Horseshoe”, tell you the story of their horses, and show you around the complex where you can see young stallions and foals. You can even take a ride on the carriage through the dense pine forest of the famous villa Majur. Near the stables is also a restaurant where you can eat specialties from Vojvodina or drink wonderful wines from the Zvonko Bogdan winery. Only 10 kilometers away from Kelebija is Subotica – a city that offers numerous cultural attractions, mostly from the art nouveau style. For those who love nature more, there is Lake Palic that is beautiful with its well-arranged paths through the forests or just by the edge of the lake. It has ideal summer conditions for swimming and even a Zoo, but also not to forget numerous farms and restaurants with delicious food.

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