The famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica is the creator of the unusual city of Drvengrad, in Mecavnik, Mokra Gora. Every corner of this place provides a splendid view of the surrounding mountains, and the air is fresh and crisp. Inspirational mountain landscapes at Mecavnik are complemented by old wooden houses, turned into an accommodation complex and decorated according to the needs of a modern tourist. The sunny squares and streets of this unusual city are in stone and wood, and they wake up the artists, bohemians and hedonists in us - especially when we're sitting in one of the restaurants. They give a special charm to this tourist complex, satisfying all needs for those who have an urge to eat something sweet and those who are in the mood for good wine or for some ample meal, which of course can not pass without local specialties. Like any real city, the Mecavnik has a real church, but also a cinema, sports grounds, a bank and everything that is needed for a modern man. Perhaps the most unusual thing is that Mecavnik also has a helicopter landing space on which a lot of famous celibrities have landed, especially during the Kustendrof festival that takes place in January. If you read one of the books Ivo Andric - Serbian Nobel winner wrote, you will probably recognize the names of his characters from the novels on the billboards. Also, many of the world's and local famous people got streets and squares named after them, such as “Novak Djokovic street”. The mix of old and modern spirit that Mecavnik offers can rarely be found, so you should not miss a visit to this unique place.

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