The village of Kremna is situated between two famous Serbian mountains - Zlatibor and Tara. This position, as well as a multitude of conifers, has enabled Kremna to have healing air – a combination of mountain and sea winds. Except the quality air, this village also has lush nature: spacious meadows, mountain streams and springs. It's sufficient for everyone who wants to relax their soul and body – a good night sleep is guaranteed after staying in the fresh air of Kremna. This vibrant village does not only satisfy visitors who seek nature and mountain peace, but also those who are always looking for interesting stories. In fact, the famous Tarabic family lived in this region. The family is popular in Serbia because of numerous myths and legends, primarily because of their precision in the prophecies of what would happen on Serbian territory during the 19th and 20th century. Therefore, you can expect interesting stories from your tour guide if you are coming to this area. However, it should be noted that not all will remain on the stories, there are also "tangible" evidence that you can find in the House of the Seer, an authentic object made of wood. In this ethno object, besides souvenirs, you can find pictures and newspaper articles about the Tarabic's predictions. After the beauty of nature and exciting stories, as an "icing on the cake" are the exceptional dishes in this village, which you can only find in the Zlatibor region. The food becomes even more delicious with the mixture of the great hospitality that hosts offer. Therefore, if you love the "package" of a vivid nature, striking stories, excellent food and smiling hosts - you have to add the village of Kremna to your list of future trips.

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