There is no better way to find out more about the new country that we are visiting than getting to know its national tradition. In Serbia, the right place for meeting with the national tradition is the visit of Sirogojno, a museum that does not look like a museum, it looks more like a real old village. It is located on one of the most beautiful Serbian mountains - Zlatibor, just a few hours away from Belgrade. The visitors of this complex will meet the architecture of the Zlatibor region, as well as the interior decoration of the old cottages. These cottages are brought from various parts of the Zlatibor region and they are part of the permanent exhibition. They are open to visitors to take a look into and get to know more about the former way of living. In addition, Sirogojno visitors will get an insight into how products were produced and created before two centuries. In old craft workshops, you can notice that the masters of this region were the most talented in work with the wood and that's not a surprise – this region is rich with different types of trees. This old village seems so authentic that you'll constantly have a feeling as if you're really lost in the old times and you will expect locals to appear in front of you at any moment in the traditional costumes. Within the complex there is also a inn that offers real Zlatibor specialties so that gourmets would enjoy, just like lovers of cozy atmospheres and authentic ambience. As the greatest uniqueness of this museum in Serbia is that Sirogojno is the only open-air museum in the whole country. So, if you remember the facts from the beginning of the story - that the best way to learn about a new country is from insights of the folk tradition, you will come to the conclusion that there isn't a good excuse to not visit this specific museum.
  • Zlatibor private tour

    Zlatibor private tour

    Bring your hiking shoes, water for the day, a swimming suit and some food for a snack in nature. Get down to earth in the Stopića Cave, ...

    Tour duration: 1 day / Next departure: Sun 16.06.2024
    Place of departure: Zlatibor

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