Lisine Hydro Complex is widely known for its incredibly beautiful, unspoiled nature that attracts numerous lovers of hiking. The country gave Lisine the status of a monument of nature, which gives an even larger importance to this hydro complex. Of course, in this part of Serbia, clean air is guaranteed, primarily due to the nearness of the lush Vitanovaca, a nature reserve that locals call the rainforest. This gift of nature is located at the bottom of the mountain Beljanica, only 150 km from Belgrade. The area of this mountain is famous for its numerous caves, pits and coves. For example, only a few kilometers away is one of the most famous Serbian caves - Resavska cave. In this complex, do not miss to see the waterfall Big Buk. For this giant of 25 m, it was believed to be the highest in Serbia, until the waterfalls on Old Mountain were found. Under this waterfall of fascinating beauty and energy, a small lake was formed, which is about 5 m deep. Besides Big Buk, it is worth seeing the source of the Great spring – a strong karst spring that lies on the river with the same name, and just like Big Buk, you can reach it by a well-arranged path. In the past, this region was full of mills, but locals today have turned them into authentic restaurants that do not disturb the natural environment, actually, they are in accordance with the nature. The main specialty is trout, which you should not miss even if you do not like fish. Not far from the hydro complex, there is also a cultural heritage – monasteries Manasija and Ravanica, so in this region it is easy to satisfy the need for both natural and cultural sights.

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