Located on the main road from Belgrade towards Monetengro and to Kosovo, Čačak is hard to miss. This pleasant town underneath the woody Mt Jelica takes pride in its energetic economy as much as it does in its heroic past. The combination of the two makes this regional center a worthy stop. It is also your best base for exploring the monasteries of Ovčar and Kablar. Formerly called Gradac, the town evolved in the Middle Ages around the monastery that was the seat of the bishop. Its new name is the first mentioned in 1405. During the Second Serbian rebellion in 1815, a decisive victory was won over the Turkish force on the hill Ljubić above the town. Following its liberation, Čačak grew as a residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović's brother "Master" Jovan, and, later, on, as the seat of the district. In recent years the town developed due to a large number of small entrepreneurs. The Church of Ascension is the oldest object in the town and marks its center. The church was once a part of Gradac Monastery built in the late 12th c as an endowment of prince Stracimir, brother of Stefan Nemanja. Facing the church stands the Monument High School. Its construction started in 1910 on the designs of Dragan Maslić but was finished only fifteen years later due to the three wars waged in the meantime. In a small square in front of it stands the monument to Nadežda Petrović, one of the most important painters of Serbia at the turn of the century, a native of Čačak. In the green on the other side of the church is the Manor of Master Jovan. This fine example of Balkan architecture dates from 1835. On the front wall is a large painting of the Obrenović dynasty coat-of-arms. today it serves as a museum. Across the street, you can find the Nadežda Petrović Art Gallery. Along the short street passing the High School, you will reach quickly the main town square - Trg Ustanka. On the town promenade that opens to the right, you will find the old part of the "Beograd" Hotel. At the end of the street stands the monument to vojvoda Stepa Stepanović, a celebrated commander of 1912-18 wars.

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