It may not be large and it may not have impressive palaces like the Vienna castles, but this castle hidden in the Vojvodina plain, in the natural shade of the beautiful park, offers endless serenity. Even its façade is in a calm, white color. According to sources, the castle was done by the idea of Bogdan Dunđerski, a man who financed its construction, and Uros Predic, a significant Serbian painter and Bogdan’s close friend. Fantast castle was built in spite towards the royal family Karadjordjevic, who took a great amount of property from Bogdan. He wanted the castle to be grander and to put the royal castle in shade. I think he indeed succeeded in his attempt, because Fantast looks more than royal. The best experience for people who love a good view is on the top of the castle where a magnificent sight on the Backa fields and fairytale-like towers that fit perfectly in the surroundings can be seen. If you are more of an animal lover, then there is great news for you – this castle keeps racehorses with an extraordinary beauty. Still, today the number of horses is much less than Bogdan’s 1400. That number also gives us a clear fact of how much Bogdan loved horses, and there is no doubt that the castle even got its name from one of his favorite ones. Already mentioned painter Uros Predic was the main artist when it came to painting the chapel. It is small but truly breathtakingly painted. The saints have more realistic look to them. The true beauty of the chapel can only be guessed because it was sadly robbed. And right in this chapel, lies the owner of the castle – Bogdan, a member of one of the riches Serbian families of all time.

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