Near Pirot, a small Serbian town on the south, and Old Mountain, exists a true natural paradise – Lake Zavoj. It is a source of incredible clear mountain water, perfect for drinking. However, this water is not for swimming. There are only wild beaches, where the decision to take a swim comes at your own risk. Regardless of the fact that there is no beach, this lake is a true oasis of tranquility, where you can enjoy the endless blueness of the lake, which in its widest part reaches over 500 meters. Also, you can enjoy the clean air, since there are no pollutants in the wider surroundings. In addition, fishermen love Lake Zavoj because there is plenty of fish. For them, this lake is a real joy because it is full of different types of fishes, and most of it is trout. Story about the formation of the lake is very interesting and tragic. On its bottom the villages Zavoj, Mala and Velika Luknja are left, which were submerged in 1963, when the canyon of the river Visocica fell. It was one of the largest landslides of the former Yugoslavia. The lake actually was named after the former village of Zavoj. At the bottom of lake, there are 500 houses, new bridge, school and church left. And thanks to the rapid reaction of the army, the population was quickly evacuated and accidentally (only) two elderly residents died. After its creation in March of that year, the lake constantly and very rapidly enlarged. It must be mentioned, that the Lake Zavoj in Serbia is special in the way it was created and there lies its uniqueness. Today, this is a favorite picnic area for people from Pirot and Niš (small towns near the lake), but lately there are tourist from all over Serbia and aboard that are coming. It is mostly visited in the summer when it is a source of peace and clean air.

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