Cycling adventure through Trebinje

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4 h
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Ride on two wheels to the most famous attractions of Trebinje. Pedal along the wonderful Trebišnjica river and its bridges, pass through the famous Trebinje park, visit the Old Town and the Greenmarket and grab a coffee in the famous garden under the hundred-year-old plane trees. Cross the famous Arslanagić bridge and hear interesting anecdotes about it.


Meeting at the Leotar Hotel, sightseeing of the river and the old town
Driving by the river and bridges
A break at the old railway station and the Ćiro steam locomotive - the story of the narrow-gauge railway
Driving by the river to the gap in Bregovi - view of the river, the town and Leotar mountain - the story of Jovan Dučić
Visit to Jovan Dučić Park, tour of the Cathedral, walk through the park
A break in the center of Trebinje - Poets' Square, a walk along the Korza, Trebinje's green market and the old town. Acquaintance with the architecture and numerous cultural and historical sights of the city. If desired, a drink in the famous Platani garden
Driving along the path along the river Trebišnjica to the medieval Arslanagić bridge. A short break and a story about the bridge.
Driving along the path next to the river to the starting point - Hotel Leotar

Tour description:

We start at 9:00 in front of the Leotar hotel. The cycling adventure through the city of Trebinje is easy and doesn't last long. The trail is only 10 km long and flat, so it's recommended even for those without physical fitness. It takes around 4 hours, but most of the time will be spent exploring the city and its numerous sights.

You will see the most recognizable sight in Trebinje - the Stone Bridge and the Ivo Andrić Bridge, and across the river on our right are the walls of the Old Town of Trebinje (Kastel) and the Museum of Herzegovina. Bicycles are waiting for you, you put on helmets and vests and we start riding right next to the Trebišnjica river. Soon we reach the old railway station, and in front of it is the Ćiro steam locomotive.
You will learn interesting facts about the former narrow-gauge railway and hear about the popular Ćiro cycling trails. We continue to ride along the river, passing by the Bregovačka Gorge (spillway) where the river is at its widest and from where there is a wonderful view of the city and the Leotar mountain high in the background. A view that inspired the famous Trebinje poet Jovan Dučić to write poems about the river and the apple trees.

We continue and cross the new bridge over the Trebišnjica, on the right side of which is the large Bregovačko beach, which is often used by the residents of Trebinje and many tourists in the hot summer months. We continue along the cycling trail and after a short ride, we reach the beautiful "Jovan Dučić" Park. The park is full of trees, fountains, well-manicured paths, flowers, and benches for resting. In the park, we will also see the magnificent building of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Lord. After that, we exit the park and come to the centre of Trebinje - the Plane Tree and Poets' Square. We will park our bicycles there, and then take a leisurely walk to visit the famous city market with local products, the Trebinje promenade, and the Old Town. You will see the incredible blend of Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman architecture that gives Trebinje its unique appearance.

If desired (for an additional fee), we can take you on a visit to the Museum of Herzegovina in the Old Town, which has very rich collections. After a walk through the city centre, if you wish, you can take a short break and (at your own expense) have a drink in the shade of the famous Platana garden. After a break, we will sit on our bikes and leave the city centre, coming back to the Trebišnjica river. We will now pedal upstream to our next interesting destination - the Arslanagić Bridge. We will cross this 16th-century architectural gem and learn some stories and anecdotes about it. After that, we will ride our bikes downstream along the river and the stone bridge, all the way back to our starting point - the Leotar Hotel, where our adventure ends.

Dates of departure:

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
Hotel Leotar 09:00 -

Conditions for free cancellation

The reservation can be canceled 1 day before the departure of the tour.

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Included in price

Standard bicycle
Certified cycling guide (or more if it's a large group)

Not included in price

Electric bicycle (surcharge 20 EUR)

Notes on dressing

Preferred sports clothes and shoes, in the summer months glasses, sunscreen.

Notes about children

Children over 16 can go on this tour accompanied by their parents or alone with their written consent

Other notes

Drinking water is available in several places in the city, you may or may not carry a bottle of water with you.

Terms of payment

Payment upon confirmation of reservation

Price from * : 25,51 EUR

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