Kayaking on Trebišnjica and Sušica, an easy half-day adventure - min. 4 people

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Sail on the green, crystal clear river Trebišnjica and its tributary - the river Sušica. You will see the untouched nature of the Orjen Nature Park, many birds, fish and greenery.


We drive by car (bus) from Trebinje to the village of Ušće
We put on vests and get into the kayaks
We are rowing the clear river Sušica - untouched nature, chirping birds
We sail into the river Trebišnjica - we row to the island on the river
We row under the big railway bridge where the train Ćiro was going
We sail into the wide Lastvan Lake, surrounded by the hills and forest of the Orjen Nature Park
We row to Smaragdna uvala, if the water level is suitable we sail into it - a break and relaxation in nature
We row slowly through the canyon of Lastvanski jezera to Pećina Mlinica, from which the river springs
We visit the Mlinica cave and hear an interesting story about the human fish
We row across the lake to the place where the transport to Trebinje awaits us
We return by car (bus) to Trebinje

Tour description:

We'll meet in front of the Leotar Hotel at 9:00 AM where transportation and guides (car, van or bus - depending on the group size) are waiting for you. We'll drive for 15 minutes to the starting point of our adventure - the village of Ušće. You'll be given kayaking helmets, paddles, and you'll put your basic personal items (phone, camera, wallet, etc.) in waterproof cases on the kayak. Bring a bottle of water with you. Other items, extra clothes, etc. will be left in the vehicle.

Kayaking is easy, the kayaks are sturdy, wide, stable and unsinkable. They are "Sit on top" - comfortable tourist models. Your legs are free and you sit on the kayak instead of being inside it. Don't worry about safety, it hasn't happened to anyone to capsize on these waters. And if it happens to you, don't worry, the river is very calm, you have a life jacket on, and experienced guides are with you. In case of favourable water levels, we'll put the kayaks in the water at the Ušće scout camp and start down the beautiful Sušica river. If the water is low, we'll start from the banks of the Trebišnjica river, not far from the camp.

As soon as you set out in the kayak, you'll feel the excitement of the beauty of nature surrounding you. Everywhere around you is pristine nature, crystal clear water, aquatic plants and trees that surround it. There are plenty of water birds and fish. The fact that the river is clean and unspoiled is evident by the fact that the otters live in the Sušica and Trebišnjica rivers, which you may be lucky enough to see in the early morning or late afternoon hours. In case you kayak in the summer, the Trebišnjica and Lastvansko Lake are fantastic ways to cool off. Because of its low temperature, the river creates a layer of fresh air, so you won't be hot even on the hottest summer days.

We paddle down the Sušica river for 15 minutes through a fairytale-like environment. Then we enter the Trebišnjica river, which is at its most beautiful here. It is wide, surrounded by hills and pine forests. We will pass by an island completely covered in willows, which is a habitat for water birds. The river beneath us is so clear that every pebble and every item on its bottom can be seen. Fish are frequently seen in large schools. Ahead of us is now a large railway bridge, which was once crossed by the noisy steam locomotive Ćiro. Beyond the bridge is a fantastic view of the Orjen mountain range. We paddle under the bridge where many pigeons and swallows live in its openings. We enter Lastva Lake. On our left, we spot the walls of a submerged stone house, which we paddle to and take a short break. You will learn why the house is in the water, as well as other interesting facts about the river and lake.

Now the lake reaches its greatest width. On the left side is the village of Lastva and in front of us is an interesting old iron bridge. We paddle under the bridge and enjoy the vastness of the lake. Soon we reach a smaller bay, which we can sail into in the case of higher water levels. When we enter the bay, the water around us is an incredible emerald green colour, which is why we named this bay "emerald bay." It's the perfect moment for a short break and to enjoy the wonders of nature.

After the break, we paddle through a fantastic canyon to the Mlinice Cave, which is located right by the lake. We tie the kayaks to the shore and visit the cave. Then we get back in the kayaks and paddle to the place where a car awaits us on the shore to take you back to Trebinje.

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hotel Leotar 09.00 -

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Cancellation is possible no later than 24 hours before the tour

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Transportation by car (van or bus) from Trebinje to the kayaking place and back to Trebinje is included in the price.

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Notes on dressing

On summer days, bring a hat and sunscreen

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Payment is based on reservation confirmation and payment instructions. Mandatory payment at least 24 hours before the trip

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