Kayak adventure in the city of Trebinje, easy, min. 2 people

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Experience Trebinje from a different perspective - by kayak. Paddling is easy, safe and refreshing with water scenes and stories about the city.


We paddle through the city to the Trebinje bridges - the Ivo Andrić Bridge and the Stone Bridge
Break at the Old Town - a story about the Castle
Paddling to the Arslanagić Bridge (a national monument) - a story about the bridge
Paddling under the Railway Bridge
Short break at the Studenac excursion site, a story about the Roman bridge
Paddling through the natural river environment to the Studenac restaurant
Docking on the shore and breakfast or drink at the Studenac restaurant (if desired)
Return - paddling downstream back to the starting point

Tour description:

Experience Trebinje from a different perspective - by kayak. Paddle calmly down the tranquil Trebišnjica River past the walls of the old city, under the famous Trebinje bridges, and beside the old irrigation wheels. Breakfast can be arranged by the river bank in the restaurant Studenac.

We depart from the centre of Trebinje (on the banks of the Trebišnjica River in front of Tomanović Dental Clinic - see Google maps) at 9:00 am where the kayaks await us. You will receive kayaking gear, paddles, and in the waterproof suits on the kayak, you can place your most basic personal items (phone, camera, wallet, etc.). Bring a water bottle with you. Other items, extra clothing, etc. can be left in our vehicle.

The paddling is easy, the kayaks are sturdy, wide, stable and unsinkable. "Sit on top" - a comfortable tourist model. Your legs are free, you don't crawl into the kayak but sit on it. Don't worry about safety, no one has overturned on these waters yet. And if you do happen to tip over, don't worry, the river is very calm, you have an unsinkable kayaking vest, and experienced guides are with you.

We start upstream towards the old town of Trebinje - the Castle. The river is very wide and calm here. As soon as we set sail, you will feel the joy of being on the water and the excitement of a completely different view of Trebinje. The shore is surrounded by beautiful wide promenades and numerous tall trees, with the Trebinje bridges in the background, and Mount Leotar dominating above the town. It's not too hot even on the hottest summer days because the river is cold and refreshing. We quickly reach two bridges in the centre of town, the Ivo Andrić Bridge and the Stone Bridge. Both have their own story that you will learn while we take breaks under them. As we paddle further, you will see the Old Town of Trebinje - the Castle - probably the most famous sight from Trebinje postcards, on your left. You will learn interesting anecdotes about the Old Town and take photos that can't be taken from the shore.
After passing the bridges, we paddle further to the famous Arslanagić Bridge. We reach the first weir where the famous Trebinje irrigation wheels are located, cross it and soon we are at the famous medieval Arslanagić Bridge. You will see the bridge from a unique perspective and learn interesting stories and anecdotes about the bridge.

We continue further towards the railway bridge that the steam train "Ćiro" used to pass over, we pass under it. Now we are leaving the city and paddling through a completely natural environment. Reeds and many water birds surround us. Soon we arrive at the favourite destination of Trebinje residents - Studenac. Here, you will see a large old water wheel that is still active on the river. We will cross the Studenac rapids, and then you will see the remains of the former Roman bridge. Now we are paddling through the most beautiful parts of Trebišnjica, on our right side there is a wonderful traditional restaurant called "Kukurića vrtovi" on the bank. A little upstream and we reach our final destination - the traditional restaurant Studenac. We can make a break here by agreement. It's a real pleasure to have a drink and breakfast by the river in the morning when there is no crowd. After the break, we return, now downstream towards the city and once again enjoy the charms of the river.

This unforgettable water adventure lasts 3-4 hours depending on the pace of paddling and the length of the break at the Studenac restaurant.

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Das Ufer des Flusses - vor der Zahnklinik Tomanović -

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