Hiking adventure - Strač fortress (Trebinje), min. 2 people, medium difficulty tour

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Join an unusual adventure in the Trebinje hills - get to know the imposing Austro-Hungarian fortress Strač


A walk along the macadam road uphill towards the Strač fortress
Visit to Strač fortress
Return to Trebinje - downhill walk

Tour description:

Departure is in front of the Leotar Hotel at 9:00 am.
We will walk along a 7 km-long mountain hiking trail. It is an old macadam Austro-Hungarian road, which leads through the hills above Trebinje to the largest fortress from the era of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy - the Strač fortress. The trail is easy to medium difficulty. The ascent is very gentle but quite long. If you like walks that offer a view from above, ie. from the hills then this tour is the right choice for you. All along the way, you will have a fantastic view of the city of Trebinje, Popovo polje and the Orjen mountain massif. In addition, the path is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, so you will surely enjoy the scents of the aromatic herbs of the Herzegovinian karst - sage, heather, immortelle, etc.
After an interesting walk during which you will hear interesting facts about Trebinje and the fortresses around it from your guide, we arrive at our final destination, the Strač fortress. You will learn very interesting historical data, but also some lesser-known stories related to this unusual building. After visiting the fortress, we will descend towards Trebinje. This time we are taking a slightly different route to make this unusual walk even more interesting.
The tour ends at 2:00 pm.

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