Wine tour on the river Trebišnjica

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Enjoy the drive along the Trebišnjica river with a tasting of Herzegovina wines. Get to know the city from the river and take with you the most romantic memories from Trebinje!

Tour description:

Boat trip on Trebišnjica, with a tasting of autochthonous Herzegovina wines.
Thanks to favourable weather conditions, navigation in Trebišnjica is possible during most of the year.
Board the boat on the river bank in the Old Town at the agreed time, sail the river through the city for 45 minutes and learn from your captain and guide the most interesting information about Trebišnjica, Trebinje and its surroundings.
During the drive, enjoy the flavours and aromas of Herzegovina's wines.

Dates of departure:

Sun 03.12.2023
Mon 04.12.2023
Tue 05.12.2023
Wed 06.12.2023
Thu 07.12.2023
Fri 08.12.2023
Sat 09.12.2023
Sun 10.12.2023
Mon 11.12.2023
Tue 12.12.2023
Wed 13.12.2023
Thu 14.12.2023
Fri 15.12.2023
Sat 16.12.2023
Sun 17.12.2023
Mon 18.12.2023
Tue 19.12.2023
Wed 20.12.2023
Thu 21.12.2023
Fri 22.12.2023
Sat 23.12.2023
Sun 24.12.2023
Mon 25.12.2023
Tue 26.12.2023
Wed 27.12.2023
Thu 28.12.2023
Fri 29.12.2023
Sat 30.12.2023
Sun 31.12.2023

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Notes for transport

Transportation by electric powered boat

Included in price

Boat ride
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Notes on dressing

In summer, bring a hat or other protection from the sun.

Notes about children

The tour is suitable for children accompanied by an adult

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The tour is realized for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 45 persons

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Payment according to the instructions of the tour organizer, upon confirmation of the reservation

Price from * : 9.69 EUR

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