Quad adventure on Tara mountain -1 hour

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National Park Tara is rich in natural beauty that can be explored in various ways. If you want to get to know Tara in a special and unusual way, it's the perfect time to join the quad adventure! You can expect an adrenaline-fueled ride and a tour of Tara's tourist attractions accompanied by a guide.


Quad adventure
Enjoying unique landscapes

Tour description:

If you decide to embark on this adventure, you will have a unique opportunity to, during an exciting and comfortable ride accompanied by local guides, reach the most beautiful places in Tara. Quad adventures are a combination of adrenaline and relaxation, excitement and enjoyment, fun and embracing new experiences.

The tour starts from Zaovine and includes the following route: Zaovine - Spajić Lake - Pološnica Lake - Graovac - Popovići - Zaovine (Lazić Dam), lasting for one hour.

During this tour, we will ride on gravel and asphalt roads through pine forests with occasional breaks. We will visit the Graovac spring, and along the way, we will stop and take breaks for photography at the small lakes of Spajić and Pološnica. On the way back, we will ride through the Popovići hamlet and return to Lazić Dam.

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Quad adventure
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Notes on dressing

Dressing appropriately according to the weather is recommended. We suggest wearing sporty and comfortable clothing.

Other notes

The prices are stated per quad, and the maximum number of people on one quad is 2. For each tour, there is a 10% discount on every second and subsequent quad. If there are only 2 people on the tour, there is an additional fee of €20 for the guide. Reservation is required to be made at least 2 days in advance.

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