The Ultimate Belgrade Experience - Belgrade Heights - A Panoramic Helicopter Flight, 60 minutes, for a maximum of 3 people

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A helicopter flight is the perfect way to surprise your loved one or friend. This short tour is ideal for a first helicopter flight experience and perfect for the curious, serving as a breathtaking surprise. The tour follows the route of Dobanovci - Nikola Tesla Airport - Genex Towers - Highway alongside the East Gate of Belgrade - Višnjička Banja - Pančevo Bridge - Borča - Pupin Bridge - Galenika - Dobanovci


A panoramic helicopter 60 minutes flight above Belgrade

Tour description:

Upon arrival at the heliport in Dobanovci, our expert staff will take you on a tour of the heliport and answer all your questions. Before the flight, while enjoying a welcome drink, they will go through safety instructions and aircraft behaviour rules with you.

We will first fly towards Nikola Tesla Airport, and then along the highway from the east gate to the west gate of Belgrade. We will fly over Višnjička Banja and Ada Huja, then follow the Danube River's coastline to the Pupin Bridge and Galenika, before returning to Dobanovci.

At the end of your tour, we will hold a briefing for you to share your impressions and listen to all your comments, feedback, and suggestions. Our goal is to continuously work on improving our services to ensure we continue to provide unforgettable experiences to our guests.

*The pre-flight procedure (PPP) is included in the flight duration and involves the safe boarding/disembarking of passengers and helicopter startup procedure. The PPP lasts for up to 5 minutes during takeoff and landing. The flight duration is 50-60 minutes, and the entire experience lasts for 90 minutes.

Dates of departure:

Fri 31.05.2024
Sat 01.06.2024
Sun 02.06.2024
Mon 03.06.2024
Tue 04.06.2024
Wed 05.06.2024
Thu 06.06.2024
Fri 07.06.2024
Sat 08.06.2024
Sun 09.06.2024
Mon 10.06.2024
Tue 11.06.2024
Wed 12.06.2024
Thu 13.06.2024
Fri 14.06.2024
Sat 15.06.2024
Sun 16.06.2024
Mon 17.06.2024
Tue 18.06.2024
Wed 19.06.2024
Thu 20.06.2024
Fri 21.06.2024
Sat 22.06.2024
Sun 23.06.2024
Mon 24.06.2024
Tue 25.06.2024
Wed 26.06.2024
Thu 27.06.2024
Fri 28.06.2024
Sat 29.06.2024
Sun 30.06.2024
Mon 01.07.2024
Tue 02.07.2024
Wed 03.07.2024
Thu 04.07.2024
Fri 05.07.2024
Sat 06.07.2024
Sun 07.07.2024
Mon 08.07.2024
Tue 09.07.2024
Wed 10.07.2024
Thu 11.07.2024
Fri 12.07.2024
Sat 13.07.2024

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Helidrom u Dobanovcima Po dogovoru -

Guide language


Included in price

Welcome drink
Heliport tour
Safety instructions
Exclusive helicopter rental from engine start to engine shutdown, regardless of the number of passengers (maximum 3)
Basic insurance
24-hour information service
Parking at the departure location
Discount voucher for Kodžić pilot jackets

Not included in price

Transportation to the departure location
Additional insurance
Private/personal expenses
GoPro video recording of the flight

Other notes

Helicopter flight with Robinson R44, maximum number of passengers is 3. The total weight of passengers must not exceed 255kg, and the maximum weight per passenger must not exceed 120kg.

Terms of payment

Payment upon confirmation of reservation according to the organizer's instructions. The price is quoted per person, based on a minimum of two people. The third person travels for free. If a reservation is made by a single passenger, the flight price is 95,700 RSD

Price from * : 811,02 EUR

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