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Niš city tour / History / Culture / Wine & Gastro. Are you ready to experience Niš through wine and gastro specialities?


Niš city tour
Walk and wine

Tour description:

In addition to numerous historical sites, Niš also offers a walk along the river promenade, the pedestrian zone of King Milan Square, Obrenovićeva Street, and Tinkers Alley „Kazandžijsko sokače“, the only preserved part of the old Niš bazaar, which today houses bars and taverns with traditional cuisine. It is located on Kopitareva Street, which connects Obrenovićeva Street, from the monument dedicated to Stevan Sremac and his characters from the novel „Ivkova Slava“ - Kalča and the dog Čapa, with a plateau known for its numerous cafes. In the past, the sound of hoops for barrels, copper pots, pots for rakia, and old-town stories echoed through this alley. Today there is still noise from residents of Niš, domestic and foreign tourists, artists, and business people because everyone finds their place
and time for „Kazandžijsko“.

The city walk continues along Obrenovićeva Street, The King's Milan Square, City Hall, Officers club, and Banovina, the former building of the old Niš administration and the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Nikola Pasić, in which he received a telegram, on July 28, 1914, by which Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, formally marking the beginning of the First World War.

A tour of the Niš Fortress, a symbol of the city and one of the best-preserved fortresses in the Balkans, with preserved buildings from the Ottoman Empire and archeological excavations from the period of the Roman Empire. The authentic restaurant which is well integrated into the configuration of the fortress is a place where we will take a break and taste the best local wines from southern Serbia.

The duration of the tour is 3 hours.

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Serbian, English

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The tour guide
Wine tasting (3 wines from Niš and South Serbia region & wine board)

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