Eastern Serbia: Along the Danube – Golubac Fortress & Iron Gate Gorge

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Travel along the Danube from Belgrade to Iron Gates to see the most famous sights of the area. With live, professional guidance and on an air-conditioned vehicle, you will visit the famous Golubac Fortress, Lepenski Vir Museum, with the oldest Mesolithic sculptures in all of Europe, and you will see the stunning beauty of the longest composite valley in Europe. You will have the chance to feel the unique atmosphere of Eastern Serbia and taste the area’s traditional products.


Hotel Pick-up
The tour start & travel through Central & Eastern Serbia
Optional coffee break (at own expense)
Golubac Fortress sightseing
Lepenski Vir Museum tour
Lunch at the „Kapetan Mišin breg“ restaurant (at own expense)
Departure to Belgrade and hotel drop-offs (approximate time, depending on the traffic conditions)

Tour description:

Our tour starts from your accommodation, and we will head toward Eastern Serbia.

Two hours of the ride we’ll spend enjoying the beautiful landscapes and listening to interesting stories about this part of the country.

GOLUBAC FORTRESS: Our first stop is the Golubac fortress, a defensive complex used to defend many kingdoms through the centuries. Golubac is the perfect fairy-tale castle, wonderfully set off by its location in the rugged landscape at the head of Đerdap Gorge. There are nine towers in all, each between 20 and 25m high, combined with the interesting position of the fortress leaning over the Danube; they make Golubac undoubtedly one of the most beautiful castles along the 2850km Danube odyssey from source to the Black Sea.

LEPENSKI VIR MUSEUM: After around 30 minutes of driving, we will reach our next stop – Lepenski Vir. The early settlement of Lepenski Vir was first uncovered in 1965. The works brought to light sacred architecture and monumental sculptures from one of the oldest Danube cultures, dating back to 7,000-6,000 BC, also marking the beginning of civilization in Europe. Here we will see more than 100 items (utensils, tools, and instruments, jewelry, altars, sculptures, Neolithic ceramics) illustrating the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods in Lepenski Vir. The setting also involves the reconstruction of burial methods in Lepenski Vir and a holographic reconstruction of houses in Lepenski Vir.

After the museum, we will stop at a unique, authentic restaurant with a fantastic view overlooking the Danube to enjoy a traditional lunch made of specialties of the cuisine of Eastern Serbia (not included).

We believe that you will have a completely different aspect as we return to Belgrade in the evening hours.

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Conditions for free cancellation

We apply very simple rules. If you cancel the tour up to 24 hours before, you’ll get a 100% refund. If you cancel the tour less than 24 hours before the trip, you will not receive any refund.

Guide language


Notes for transport

The type of vehicle depends on the number of passengers:

1) Car: Ford Mondeo, Skoda Superb, or similar (from 1-3 passengers)
2) Van: Ford Transit Custom, Fiat Talento, Renault Trafic (from 4-8 passengers)
3) Minibus: Mercedes Sprinter (from 9-18 passengers)

Included in price

Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
Transport by air-conditioned minivan or private car
Professional guide

Not included in price

Full traditional Serbian lunch (optional) = 1,500rsd (13€) per person (payable only in cash)
Entrance fee for Golubac Fortress = 750rsd (6,5€) per person
Entrance fee for Lepenski Vir museum = 550rsd (4,5€) per person
Gratuities (optional)

Notes on dressing

Appropriate clothing and footwear are mandatory (tracksuit, trousers, capris, trainers, hiking shoes)

Other notes

The restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards, so payment is possible only with cash. We kindly ask you to bring passports (just in case) because the fortress is very close to the Romanian border, and the border police in that area sometimes ask tourists for documents. Please wear comfortable shoes. The minimum number for a shared tour to operate is three guests.

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