Eastern Serbia: Medieval Monasteries & Resava Cave Tour

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Discover the medieval monasteries and natural wonders of Eastern Serbia on this full-day tour of the Pomoravlje province from Belgrade. Admire the 14th-century architecture and stunning frescoes of Ravanica monastery, visit the 15th-century Manasija monastery, and then venture underground to explore the ancient Resava cave.


Hotel Pick-up
Tour start – Travel across Central Serbia
Stop for coffee and cake (at own expense)
Ravanica Monastery
Resava Cave
Veliki Buk Waterfall & lunch break (at own expense)
Manasija Monastery
Departure for Belgrade (shortstop on the way back)
Arrival in Belgrade. Hotel Drop-off

Tour description:

Your tour starts at your accommodation, and we head towards Pomoravlje District, known as the center of the last Serbian Medieval Kingdom, where monasteries still keep the enormous cultural and historical legacy and wealth.

RAVANICA MONASTERY: Our first stop is the Ravanica monastery. It was the endowment of Prince Lazar, built during the period between 1375 and 1377, with its frescoes painted in the years preceding the famous Battle of Kosovo. Prince Lazar is one of the most respected Serbia’s rulers and a saint of the Serbian Orthodox Church. The battle of Kosovo for Serbs is widely seen as a noble defeat, a tragedy but a source of great national pride. The story of a proud nation bravely defending its freedom became the country’s most important national myth. Generations were raised on that legacy, and it was a fuel that gave them the strength to endure during a long period of Turkish rule. Due to its architectural and artistic features, the Ravanica church can be called the birthplace of the new creative movement called the Morava school. The church is original in its architectural style, a blend of the Mount Athos tradition of the trefoil base and the cross-in-square five-domed model. Our guide will give you essential information about the interior and exterior of the monastery and the life of the nuns and Orthodox Christianity in general.

RESAVA CAVE: Next, we are set for an extraordinary experience. We will visit the Resava cave, one of the oldest in Serbia, some 80 million years old, with some of the older formations dating back around 45 million years. The cave interior abounds in numerous and varied halls, channels, galleries, columns, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and flowstone waterfalls. The system consists of three levels connected by artificial tunnels. You will hear exciting stories about the cave’s past and present, and you’ll see cave formations that are coming in some very unusual shapes.

VELIKI BUK WATERFALL: Our next stop is Veliki Buk (also called Lisine), a beautiful waterfall, approximately 20-25 high, making it one of Serbia’s highest waterfalls. The surrounding is scenic and perfect for relaxation. This karstic waterfall is protected as a natural monument, and it’s most impressive during the autumn. In the summertime, there’s less water, but it’s still lovely to visit, and very refreshing. Further on, you will enjoy a traditional Serbian lunch in a unique atmosphere (not included in the price).

MANASIJA MONASTERY: Continue your ride to the Manasija monastery. Manasija monastery is one of the last monuments to Serbian medieval culture, raised by Despot Stefan Lazarević, son of Prince Lazar. The church’s construction, extravagant fortification, and large refectory took from 1406 to 1418. The impressive walls with 11 towers, surrounded by a trench, have been a modern system for the monastery’s defense. The most dominant and most imposing tower – the keep – is known as Despotova Kula (Despot’s Tower). The Church of the Holy Trinity is considered a prime example of Morava architecture. Frescoes in Manasija are among the most beautiful of the Morava properties and old Serbian art in general. Besides the monumental depictions of warriors in the choir transept, prophets pictured in the dome are exceptionally beautiful, as well as the idealized representation of Despot Stefan Lazarević presenting a model of the church to the Holy Trinity. Besides the monastery, church, and fortifications, Manasija partially preserves the old refectory and library remains. The library housed a scriptorium in which numerous books were copied. The so-called ‘Resava orthography’ was much valued and influenced later scribes for some time to come.

After an unforgettable day, you will head back to Belgrade. Your tour concludes with transportation back to your hotel/accommodation in Belgrade, where we’ll arrive in the afternoon. End of services.

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Conditions for free cancellation

We apply very simple rules. If you cancel the tour up to 24 hours before, you’ll get a 100% refund. If you cancel the tour less than 24 hours before the trip, you will not receive any refund.

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Notes for transport

The type of vehicle depends on the number of passengers:

1) Car: Ford Mondeo, Skoda Superb, or similar (from 1-3 passengers)
2) Van: Ford Transit Custom, Fiat Talento, Renault Trafic (from 4-8 passengers)
3) Minibus: Mercedes Sprinter (from 9-18 passengers)

Included in price

Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
Transport by air-conditioned minivan or private car
Professional guide

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Full traditional Serbian lunch (optional) = 1,000 – 1,500 RSD per person (payable only in cash)
Entrance fee for Resava Cave = 500 RSD per person (payable only in cash)
Entrance fee for Veliki Buk waterfall = 120 RSD per person (payable only in cash)

Notes on dressing

Even during the summer months, it’s quite breezy in the cave, so we advise bringing warm clothes and comfortable shoes. The tour includes an entrance to places of worship, so please wear appropriate clothing.

Other notes

We kindly ask you to bring some cash because you can pay for a ticket to the Resava cave and lunch in a restaurant only in cash – Serbian dinars. The minimum number for a shared tour to operate is three guests.

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