Western Serbia: Šargan Eight Train, The Wood town & The House on Drina River

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Check the three most exciting sights of Western Serbia on this full-day trip from Belgrade by air-conditioned vehicle and with the help of an expert, English-speaking guide to accompany you throughout the day. Explore stunning nature and take a ride on a scenic narrow-gauge railroad train. Visit the famous Wooden village built by well-known director Emir Kusturica and admire the Drina, the most beautiful river in Serbia.


Hotel pick-up
Tour start - Travel across Western Serbia
Gate of Podrinje
House on Drina River
Šargan Eight train ride
Traditional lunch (optional)
Wooden Town
Departure to Belgrade & hotel drop-off

Tour description:

Our tour starts from your accommodation, and we head toward Western Serbia, known for its wild and untouched nature, tasty cuisine, and friendly and hospitable people.

Two and a half hours ride we’ll spend enjoying the beautiful landscapes and listening to interesting stories about this part of the country.

GATE OF PODRINJE: Our first stop is one of the most famous viewpoints in the area, called “Kapija Podrinja.” From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view and admire the stunning scenery made of surrounding mountains and the Drina River. After a short ride, we will reach our next stop, Bajina Bašta, a small town in the foothill of Mt. Tara.

THE HOUSE ON THE DRINA RIVER: Here, we will see the world-famous attraction, “The House on the Drina”, an isolated house made of logs on a river stone. A photograph of the structure was featured in National Geographic’s ‘Photo of the Day‘, and not too long after that, this charming spot became one of the most photographed sights in the Balkans.

ŠARGAN EIGHT TRAIN: We will leave the house behind us and continue our trip just in time for the departure of the famous Sargan Eight scenic train. Unique narrow-gauge railway nowadays serves only for amusement. We will pass and stop at several viewpoints during our ride, from which one can see fabulous views over Mokra Gora. Authentic cars with wooden seats, wood-burning stoves, and characteristic rattling sounds will take us back to 1925 when this railway was put into operation and made a connection between Belgrade and the Adriatic Sea.

After almost two and a half-hour ride, we return to the departing station, where we continue our journey to the nearby Mećavnik, or Drvengrad (Wooden City).

THE WOODEN TOWN: The famous director Emir Kusturica (two times Palme d’Or in Cannes winner) decided to build it during the shooting of his film “Life is a Miracle.” He chose to convey ruined wooden chalets from the mountain’s slopes to restore them, equip them with luxurious facilities, and form a new settlement.

Here we will make a stop to enjoy a traditional lunch made of specialties of the very famous cuisine of Western Serbia, irresistibly delicious and very piquant (not included).

After the meal, we will head back to Belgrade to arrive late in the afternoon.

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Notes for transport

The type of vehicle depends on the number of passengers:

1) Car: Ford Mondeo, Skoda Superb, or similar (from 1-3 passengers)
2) Van: Ford Transit Custom, Fiat Talento, Renault Trafic (from 4-8 passengers)

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Free hotel pick-up and drop-off
Transport by air-conditioned minivan or private car
Professional guide

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Full traditional Serbian lunch (optional) = 1,000 – 1,500 RSD per person (payable only in cash)
Ticket for Šargan Eight scenic train = 1,200 RSD per person
Entrance fee for The Wooden Town = 250 RSD per person (payable only in cash)
Gratuities (optional)

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Even during the summer season, it could be cold in the mountains.

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