Active Kopaonik summer/autumn

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3 days
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Visit the tourist attractions of Kopaonik and the flora and fauna of the Kopaonik National Park, get acquainted with a variety of interesting cultural-historical, geographical and botanical points of interest. If it's not enough for you to fill your weekend with hiking through untouched nature and wilderness, enjoying unforgettable vistas and views, clean air, the Sun, add a little excitement and adrenaline to your vacation through quad biking tours and other adrenaline content. Do not miss the opportunity to see this landscape and experience its beauty, uniqueness and unreality. Visiting Kopaonik during the summer months provides a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the mountain and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, all while relaxing in a pleasant mountain atmosphere. In summer, Kopaonik comes alive in rich green colors, providing beautiful landscapes to explore. Give yourself the opportunity to escape from the summer heat and hide among the pines and firs that provide the most beautiful smell and freshness. Come to the clean air of Kopaonička, the sweetest blueberries, raspberries, delicious and healthy porcini mushrooms and take with you only good memories and the smell and taste that will follow you for a long time.


Hiking through wooded areas as well as meadows with lush blueberry vegetation
Riding quads in untouched nature that will awaken your adrenaline
Photo safari, possibility to photograph the flora and fauna of the Kopaonik National Park
A tour of the waterfalls with a leisurely walk to a destination known only to true fans of Kopaonik
E bike, explore the beautiful natural environment with very little effort.
Paragliding, the chance to make your dream of flying come true.
Spa treatments, relax all your senses, relax in top spa centers on the mountain.

Tour description:

Day One
Arrival at Kopaonik from 15:00 to 17:00. Accommodation in selected apartments (Villa Lucky Kop & Restaurant and Treska Resort) that are equipped to provide you with complete comfort. Getting to know the "Active Kopaonik Summer/Autumn" tour program on Kopaonik. Around 5:00 p.m., we set off on a walking tour of Treska, accompanied by a host who knows this mountain of ours well and is guided to the places on this road where the most delicious blueberries and mushrooms are hidden. After a 20-minute easy walk, we reach the foot of Tresca peak and continue our journey to the top.
You will especially enjoy this walking tour after the trip because it is of moderate intensity, and you will be rewarded with a view of the sunset with a welcome drink. Treska is a peak on the southern part of the huge massif of Kopaonik, only 1,622 meters high, but it attracts more attention than many higher mountain peaks because of the specific double tooth that makes up this peak. This double tooth consists of two sharp rocks separated by a small pass. Here we take a break for photography and enjoyment.
Feel all the magic, all the wonder and uniqueness of this peak. Enjoy the view, the proximity of the sky and the sun, the crisp clean air. In good weather, mountain peaks from the region can float above the clouds and unexpectedly decorate your photos.
The duration of the walking tour is about 2 hours.
Return to the accommodation facility, dinner, free time.

Day Two
Breakfast in the restaurant based on the principle of self-service from 8-10 a.m. where you will enjoy the flavors of the Kopaonki products.
After breakfast, we go to the center of the tourist town of Kopaonik and go on a selected optional excursion from our offer.

A walking tour of the "Heavenly Chair" accompanied by our host allows you to have a close look and experience mountain life, to get to know various cultural-historical, geographical and botanical points of interest. We will visit the location where there are two rocks that are raised above the surrounding terrain and are often covered by clouds, which gives the impression that the "chairs" are in the heavens. We also visit the archaeological site of Crkvina, where there are remains of an early Christian basilica between 1300-1600 years old. The trail starts from the center of the village, the "Sunčani Vrhovi" lodge, next to "Mašinac" on the pass called "Pajino Preslo" (1804m above sea level), via the Duboka - Crvena trail (trail 6), to the intersection of the road and the trail that passes under the Krčmar cable car, across the trail (number 21) towards Mal (1788m asl) and Veliki Bećirovac (Siljak 1782m asl).
The duration of this moderately difficult hiking tour, which is also suitable for children, is about 4-5 hours with an ascent of about 414 m.

ATV tour, quad biking, takes you to the peaks of Kopaonik, which offer spectacular views. Along the way, we come across places to rest and rest, during which you can take photos that will be a reminder of an unforgettable active weekend on Kopaonik. This tour is not recommended for children for safety reasons.
Duration is about 60-180 minutes depending on the tour.

Safari "Heavenly Chairs" Safari tour includes a tour and sightseeing of the Kopaonik tourist attractions as well as the flora and fauna of the Kopaonik National Park by driving in specially adapted off-road vehicles for this purpose.
The duration is up to 4 hours.

Paragliding For people who want to experience Kopaonik from a bird's eye view, a tandem paragliding flight is a real adrenaline solution. The place of the take-off point on Kopaonik, as well as the duration of the paragliding flight, depend on the weather conditions. The airport can be reached by all-terrain vehicle.
Duration 1 hour.

E-bike tour Riding a bike on Kopaonik on selected trails is a real pleasure, in addition to enjoying the ride itself, you can also enjoy the wonderful view from the "roof of Serbia".
Duration from 1h to 7h depending on the tour.

Spa centers: For relaxation, we offer the possibility of organizing and booking appointments in spa centers on Kopaonik.

Day Three
Breakfast in the restaurant according to the principle of self-service from 8-10 am. After breakfast, it's time to check out of the apartment and go on a walking tour of "Treske Waterfalls" accompanied by our host.
The walking tour "Slapovi Treske" An easy walk with a total length of 6 km, which leads to the unexplored pearl of Treske. You will have a unique opportunity to cool off in the waterfalls and feel their freshness. You will enjoy the buzz, peace, and digital detox.

End of tour.

It is possible to extend your stay in the apartments of Treska Resort because in Kopaonik and its surroundings, you can see and enjoy monasteries, spas, lakes, waterfalls, picnic areas, mushroom trails and much more.

Dates of departure:

Fri 12.07.2024
Fri 19.07.2024
Thu 25.07.2024
Fri 02.08.2024
Fri 09.08.2024
Fri 16.08.2024
Thu 22.08.2024
Fri 30.08.2024

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
Kopaonik 17h -

Conditions for free cancellation

Free cancellation is possible within 14 days from the start of the trip.

Guide language

Serbian, English

Notes for transport

Own transport.
It is possible to organize transportation from Belgrade and Niš for groups.
The price of transportation depends on the number of passengers.

Note for accommodation

Accommodation takes place in the facilities of "Villa Lucky Kop & Restaurant" and "Treska Resort", which are located in the Weekend Village on Kopaonik. A certain number of accommodation units are pet friendly (in the Treska Resort facility), it should be emphasized when booking if you want to bring a furry family member with you.
Apartments are fully equipped with amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, TV with cable channels, and Wi-fi. Parking is provided.
Meals are served in the Villa Lucky Kop restaurant. For breakfast, you can expect homemade foods such as homemade ajvar, jams, pastries, and Kopaonik's cheese.
Dinner is board-type and includes dishes of national cuisine prepared from carefully selected ingredients of local producers.

Included in price

2 nights on a half-board basis (breakfast-dinner) in the facilities Villa Lucky Kop & Restaurant and Treska Resort, in apartments 1/2, 1/3, 1/4. Breakfast is self-service, dinner is board. Meals include Serbian home cooking.
Walking tour "Treska"

Not included in price

"Heavenly Chairs" walking tour 7e adults, 5e children from 12 years old
Walking tour "Slapovi Treske" 4e
ATV ride with quads 70e per quad 1h (2 persons)
Safari "Heavenly Chairs" 15e per person
Paragliding 90e tandem flight
E-bike tour 50e 2-3h
Residence tax (70 rsd)
Surcharge for a single room 30e

Notes on dressing

It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing including comfortable shoes, layered clothing, a hat, sunglasses and the use of sunscreen, water and a box of blueberries and mushrooms.

Notes about children

Children up to the age of 6 stay for free when accompanied by two adults who pay the full price. Children aged 6 to 12 are entitled to 50% of the total price when accompanied by two adults.

Other notes

In case of an insufficient number of registered passengers, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the arrangement no later than 5 days before the start of the tour. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, it is possible to change and adjust optional excursions.

Terms of payment

40% at the time of booking, the rest no later than 7 days before the start of the trip. Payment according to the instructions of the tour organizer. For larger groups (over 10 people), the price is on request.

Price from * : 90 EUR

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