Goč and Mitrovo polje

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4 h
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We go around the whole side of the mountain Goč: Centre of children's resort, village Mitrovo polje, ski trails, Gočko lake. Duration: about 4hours and 30minutes.



Tour description:

Today we spend the day in nature. Departure from Vrnjci Spa at 10 a.m.We climb the mountain Goč and the first stop is at the Center of children's resort in the village of Stanišinci, at an altitude of about 700m. Everything in the village is dedicated to children and redecorated by people who live and work here. Guests can see the beautiful old things, which with a lot of imagination and creativity of the people from the village, live again in a new way. The whole village exudes the scent of flowers, which are abundant here. There is also the pond Gočko eye, and a few domestic animals, which complement this beautiful setting. Free time for a walk. We continue to the village Mitrovo polje, known for raspberries and beautiful pine forests. The planned pause is in front of the hotel "Cvetna dolina", where our guests will have the opportunity to breathe fresh mountain air and rest in the shade of pine trees. The road continues to the ski slopes and we climb to about 1000m. Mountain Goc is among lower mountains in Serbia, having the highest peak Ljukten of 1.216m. The Goč area is covered with beech and fir trees, and there are also Goč pine, oak, noble hardwood and coniferous exotics. Goč is rich with wild strawberries and various herbs. Meadows of Goc provide rich grazing for honey bees, and at a place named Gvozdac there is an artificial lake.


Dates of departure:

Fri 09.06.2023
Sun 11.06.2023
Tue 13.06.2023
Fri 16.06.2023
Sun 18.06.2023
Tue 20.06.2023
Fri 23.06.2023
Sun 25.06.2023
Tue 27.06.2023

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