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Explore Novi Sad in a cozy stroll and find out interesting details that’ll surely make you fall in love with this magical city.


Sightseeing tour Novi Sad
Walking through whole city center and getting familiar with main tour sights

Tour description:

The walking tour starts at 16 PM in front of the Magellan Travel Agency (Nikola Pašić Street 7). Just round the corner, we’ll enter Zmaj Jovina Street, the promenade of Novi Sad and obligatory sight for all tourists as well as the ornamental Palace of the Orthodox Bishop. Next to the palace is the oldest street in the city named  Dunavska, with its long line of single-storied houses built in the 19th century. This street will bring us to the Danubian Park, the oldest and grandest the city’s parks.

Three minutes later, we’ll reach the Danube Quay. There, you’ll see the second largest European river, the mighty Petrovaradin Fortress on the other bank and the bridges of Novi Sad which were destroyed during the 1999 NATO campaign.

Not far away is the Banovina building, the gleaming white marble edifice shaped like a ship, a 1930s modernist masterpiece of architect Dragisa Brasovan, nowadays the seat of Vojvodina’s Parliament.

Passing the Galleries Square where three most famous art galleries are located, we’ll reach the small Wedding Square named after newlywedded couples who tie their knots here, at the local registry office.

Next door stands the Synagogue, a surprisingly large temple built in Art Nouveau style. A short walk down the Jewish Street will bring us to the modernist edifice of the Serbian National Theatre, the oldest professional theatre in Serbia and the Balkans, as well as the most important theatre in Novi Sad.

We’ll end the tour in the very heart of Novi Sad, in the Square of Liberty. Arranged around it stand some of the prettiest as well as the most important buildings of this city: the imposing Catholic church, the grandiose City Hall, the Iron Man Building, historical hotels Meyer and Vojvodina – all of which tell stories about the past and present.

After this tour, you can join us on a tour to the fantastic Petrovaradin fortress, a cultural and historical sight that embraces wonderful viewpoints from where the breathtaking view is spread.

Petrovaradin Fortress Walking Tour

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