Canyon Uvac cruise/viewpoint Molitva

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With comfortable boats, cruising Sjenica(Uvac) lake and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature and the incomparable harmony of the plant and animal Ecosystem.


Hiking with a guide
Ice cave

Tour description:

Cruising Sjenica (Uvac) lake starts every day at 10.00 and at 15.30h. It starts from the place Markova Ravan. The duration of the excursion is about 5 hours.

A 13 km long Sjenica lake lets visitors enjoy the beauty of Uvac with a glass of wine, beer or juice. Within this tour, visitors will have the opportunity to see: the hungry bridge, the Griffon vulture, the Jerina City, the Ice Cave. ..

Then we will visit the Ice Cave, in the length of 800-900m (hiking tour).


Dates of departure:

Thu 28.09.2023
Fri 29.09.2023
Sat 30.09.2023

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
hoteli/apartmani -
Krstac/Markova ravan -

Conditions for free cancellation

2 days before the departure.

Guide language


Notes for transport


Included in price

Ticket for Ice cave
Ticket for SPR,,Uvac"

Not included in price

lunch at the camp

Notes on dressing

It can be somewhat fresher on water, so it is recommended to wear long sleeves

Terms of payment

2 days before the departure.

Price from * : 18 EUR

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