Mokra Gora Private Tour - Šargan Eight - Kadinjača Monument - Drvengrad

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Top destinations attracting tourist worldwide with its unique traditional architecture and bohemian atmosphere. Take the famous "Nostalgic" old train ride through beautiful mountain nature landscapes


Exploring the cultural and historical heritage
Train ride

Tour description:

We start this tour at 9.00 AM and bring you back to your hotel at around 5.00 PM.

The first destination we'll visit is Kadinjača Memorial Complex, which sits at the hilltop surrounded by beautiful nature. This monument is dedicated to the Worker's Battalion fallen in WW2 battle.

The second destination is the Rujno Monastery, the medieval Serbian church, and the home of the first printed book in Serbia in the 16th century. From there, we'll head for Lake Vrutci, and take a stroll across the 77 meters-high dam.

The next stop is the famous Mokra Gora with "Šargan eight" railway station, Jatarice museum, and the village Drvengrad. The tour includes a 90 minutes long train ride on the famous "Šargan eight" route. This attractive narrow gauge museum railway is considered a masterpiece among similar railways worldwide. After the train ride, we'll visit Jatarice, the open-air museum of old steam machines.

Our final stop of the tour is a genuine village named "Wooden city" which is a home of Emir Kusturica, the famous Serbian movie director, and double Canne`с Palme d`Or winner. In 2005 "Drvengrad" won the "Philippe Rotthier" architecture award, and was proclaimed the best architectural achievement in Europe.


Dates of departure:

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place

Conditions for free cancellation

Free cancellation no less than 7 days before the start of the tour.

Guide language

English, Serbian, Chinese

Notes for transport

Transportation is by SUV or a mini-van

Included in price

Licensed English speaking tour guide

Not included in price

Train ticket: 8 €
Drvengrad entrance fee: 2,5 €

Notes on dressing

Hiking shoes.

Notes about children

Children pay half the price. Taking into consideration that the tour is a pretty long one, it might be heavy for small children.

Other notes

Additional charges may apply for pick up locations that are further away.

Terms of payment

10 % deposit is required upon making reservation. Payment can be done via Paypal or Wechat pay.

Price from * : 25 EUR

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