Pešter and Uvac for your weekend break- departure from Belgrade

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Tour code: #629
3 days
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Spend weekends in Sjenica and get to know nature and people from Pešter, fascinating Uvac, surrounding monasteries and mosques. Hiking, riding, jeep tours, cruises, lunches in nature, ...


cruise by boat;
horseback riding;
riding a motorcycle;
jeep safari;

Tour description:

Group meeting at 6.30 am, departure from Belgrade at 7 am in front of the agency's premises near Kalemegdan. Drive to Sjenica with a break along the way. Arrival at the ranger camp at the entrance to the nature reserve of the Uvac river canyon. Staying on the banks of the Uvac and free time or optional boarding in boats and driving through the meanders of the river Uvac, with a tour of the nests of the griffon vulture. As part of the 13 km long Uvec cruise, you will have the opportunity to see the old suspension bridge, the habitat of the griffon vulture, Jerenin grad, the Ice Cave, the entrance to which can only be reached from the river. A tour of the Ice Cave in the length of 800 m, where you will have the opportunity to observe the beautiful glittering cave jewelry, after which the cave is named. Continuation of the cruise towards the camp. where lunch awaits you: hay barbecue or fresh fish (trout). On the way back, swimming in the canyon below the medieval fortress Klek (in summer). Optional, 20-minute jeep safaris in one direction on meadows and unpaved roads of the Zlatarska plateau. Arrival at the lookout "Prayer", where huge vultures will fly below you, and the meanders of Uvac will appear to you in all their beauty. Return by jeep to the place of boarding the bus Continuation of the trip to the hotel Borovi in ​​Sjenica. Accommodation in a hotel. Evening walk through Sjenica. A tour of the city center in the center of the city, accompanied by a guide: a tour of the dairy, the mosque Nur, the mosque Sultan Valide, the church of St. Peter and Paul. Overnight.


After breakfast, check out from the hotel and free time until departure or optional excursion to the Special Reserve Peshtersko polje. Group meeting in front of the hotel and departure for a trip around Peshtersko polje. As part of this tour, you will visit: cave katuns in the villages of Tuzinje, Rasna, Kamešnica, Gutavica nature reserve in the village of Ugao, Peshtersko lake which is located near the village of Karajukiće bunara. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to get to know most of the Cave Plateau, the way of life of the cave hosts. Then there is a visit and a tour of the special nature reserve Peshtersko polje. Optionally, organizing a walking tour and conquering the top of Trojan. The walking tour includes walking from the local road to the ascent of Mount Trojan (After a short break, the road awaits us, where we descend to the source of the river Đurđevica. Here we have a short break for rest and optional organized lunch. Departure for Belgrade .. Arrival at the place of departure in the evening for hours .
End of program

Important note: By the decision of the nature reserve of the river Uvac - the Ice Cave is closed for visits until further notice


Dates of departure:

Wed 01.05.2024
Thu 02.05.2024
Fri 03.05.2024
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Sun 06.10.2024

Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
Atutobuska stanica 7.00am 30 EUR

Conditions for free cancellation

The deadline for free cancellation is 7 days before the start of the tour.

Guide language

English, French, Serbian, German, Greek;

Notes for transport

transport by tourist class bus or minibus (high-floor or double decker, air conditioning, audio / video equipment) on the routes specified in the program

Note for accommodation

The hotel is located on the periphery of the city between a thick pine forest and the river Jablanica. It is located at an altitude of 1050m in the center of the air spa. It is a perfect hotel, whose architecht fits into the ambience. In the number of forests near the hotel there is a trim course for recreational and active athletes, and an artificial lake was built in front of the hotel. With its capacities and comfort, the hotel is the best and most beautiful hotel in the region and as such are the carrier of tourism development in Sjenica. All rooms in our offer are equipped with cable TV, wi-fi internet, private toilet, terrace ....

Included in price

-transport by tourist bus or mini bus (places are determined according to the date of registration)
-Accommodation in hotel Borovi in ​​Sjenica on the basis of bed and breakfast in rooms 1/2 or 1/2 + 1. Breakfast is based on a classic serving.
-Tourist guide (escort) service
-The costs of travel organization

Not included in price

excursions accordint to the program

Notes on dressing

These destinations can be somewhat fresher, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes.

Notes about children

Children 0-5 years old stay free at the hotel.

Other notes

The minimum number for the realization of the tours is 40 people - to use a van transport

Terms of payment

40% upon reservation, and the rest 5 days before the start of the tour

Price from * : 32 EUR

Book the tour

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