Opet the Iron Gate on the Danube River - fortress Golubac,Ram ,monastery Tumane Silver Lake -private tour by car.

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Get to know the sights of Northeast Serbia and enjoy the beauty of the Danube in this interesting, one-day private car tour. The minimum number of passengers to confirm a reservation at the displayed price is 4 people! For a smaller or biger number of tour participants, the price will be adjusted.


Tour of the Golubac Fortress
Tour of the Tumane Monastery
Tour of Silver Lake
Tour of Djumrukana (Customs Building)
Tour of Fort Ram

Tour description:

Departure time: As agreed with the tour participants.

Place of departure: Hotel of the tour participants.

After meeting the host and welcoming you, we will embark on a tour where you will open the Iron Gate of the Danube.

During our journey from Belgrade to Golubac, where the first locality is located, we will pass through beautiful picturesque places of Branicev district

Our first stop is the Golubac Fortress, a medieval fortress built due to its geo-strategic position on the right bank of the Danube. For centuries, the fort was a guard and controlled the entire land and water route, connecting the east and the west.

It is built on high and inaccessible cliffs, on the part of the Danube where it is the widest in its entire course (about 6 km), at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge. During the visit, we will visit the fort and hear the story of its origin, as well as legends about the origin of its name. Otherwise, the fort was completely renovated last year and today visitors can visit it in its entirety.

After a tour of the Golubac Fortress, the road leads us to the 16th century Tumane Monastery. The monastery church is dedicated to the Holy Archangel Gabriel. According to tradition, the monastery was erected by Milos Obilic, a Serbian national hero, before leaving for battle. In addition to religious buildings, the monastery also houses a small restaurant on the banks of the Tuman River, surrounded by centuries-old beech and oak trees. At the restaurant you can try specialties prepared according to the recipes of tuman monks. Next to the monastery itself, there is a small zoo, most interesting to the youngest visitors.

After visiting the monastery, we continue our journey to Silver Lake, our next locality. The lake was created by damming the Danube arm for groundwater defense. It is 14 km long and 8 m deep, it is one of our largest artificial lakes. Silver Lake is also called 'the Serbian Sea'. There are numerous sports, tourist and recreational facilities, apartment complexes and restaurants where you can enjoy your meal while watching the beautiful nature surrounding the lake.

In one of them, we'll take a break for lunch and refreshments.

After a break, we continue to Fort Ram, the oldest artillery fort in Serbia. There is no reliable information about the time of its origin, but it was first mentioned in the 12th century as a place in which the Byzantine and Hungarian armies clashed. The Ugri, the Byzantines and the Turks invaded Ram.

According to one legend, the Ottoman Empire decided to erect a fort on this site after a visit to the Turkish Sultan Bajazit II, who went on a tour of his troops and lay tired on the rug (ihram) to rest. When he got up he felt reborn. He immediately ordered that a fort be erected at the site of his ihram. Ram Fort was reconstructed and renovated in 2019. During the tour, you will hear the story of its origin and the importance it had for the Ottoman Empire.

After visiting the fort, we will go to the former Đumrukana (customs office building) where the tavern is today, where we will have a coffee break and enjoy the view of the Danube and hear the story of how goods from Serbia were transported east and west by river .

After a break for coffee, we will slowly close the Danube Iron Gate, which will remain unlocked for your future visits and discover the wonderful world of culture, customs, traditions and the rich past of one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia.Tour lasts 7 hours,every next hour is charged 15e.

We return to Belgrade, where we started our tour, in the evening.

Dates of departure:

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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
Po dogovoru Po dogovoru 280 EUR

Conditions for free cancellation

Can be canceled for free no later than one day before departure. The tour is canceled in case of extremely bad weather.

Guide language

Serbian, English

Notes for transport

Private car, capacity up to 4 people. The organizer of this tour specializes in exclusive rides for individual tourists, who want personalized tours fully customized to their wishes and interests. This type of tour is intended for people who expect a high level of freedom, attention and service from the beginning to the end of the tour.

Included in price

Driving (fuel, driver services),Wi-fi.

Not included in price

Ticket for Golubac Fortress (600 RSD per person)
Ticket for Ram Fort (300 RSD per person)
Lunch at Silver Lake
Anything not mentioned in the program price (food and drink)
Special wishes.
Please include any additional requirements in the comment when booking. Realization by appointment.

Other notes

The price listed is based on a minimum of 4 people. Obligatory supplement for a small number of persons. Up to 2 persons 120 eur From 2 to 4 persons 160 eur The price per person is 80 euros for a minimum of 2 people, the third person is 40 euros and the fourth one is free. 40 eur per person for a minimum of 4 people Supplement for only two persons 20 eur per person. Supplement for three persons would be 10 euros per person. For a bigger number of tour participants, the price will be adjusted.

Terms of payment

Payment to the organizer upon departure for the tour.

Price from * : 55 EUR

Book the tour

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