Manasija Monastery, Resava Cave, Lisine Waterfall, Mystical Homolje Mauntaints - private tour by car

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Get to know the most remarkable sights of Eastern Serbia and enjoy the beauties of the mystical Homolian mountains. The minimum number of passengers to confirm a reservation at the displayed price is 4 people! For a smaller or biger number of tour participants, the price will be adjusted.


Visiting the monastery Manasija
Visiting the Resava Cave
Visiting the Lisina waterfall
Lunch at a reputable restaurant

Tour description:

 Departure time: As agreed with the participants.

Place of departure: Hotel of the tour participants.

After meeting the host and a warm welcome, we'll embark on a tour where you'll get to know the medieval Manasija Monastery and discover the secrets of the mystical Homolian Mountains, the Resava Cave, the waterfalls of the Lisina River, as well as enjoy the unspoiled nature and national cuisine in renowned restaurants.

Manasija Monastery is one of the most important monuments of the medieval Serbian culture. It was built by the Lord Stefan Lazarevic from 1407. to1418.  This monastery-fortress is surrounded by high walls and towers that served to defend against the enemy. Inside the fortress is the Church of the Holy Trinity in which the Lord Stefan Lazarevic was buried.

The path leads us further into the unspoiled nature towards the Resava Cave, which is the largest and the most attractive in Serbia. The cave is 45 million years old and is very rich in cave jewelry. It is 4500 meters long and 800 meters are arranged for tourist tours.

After a coffee break at the restaurant near the cave, the path leads us further to the foot of the Mount Beljanica. There is the 25-meters high waterfall of the clear Lisina Mountain that can be reached through a well-maintained forest path.

A few renowned restaurants are located on the riverbank where you can enjoy the traditional cuisine of this part of Serbia. After lunch, we return to Belgrade through the picturesque regions of Eastern Serbia.

The estimated duration of the tour is 7 hours, each additional hour is charged 20 Euros.

Dates of departure:

Fri 01.12.2023
Sat 02.12.2023
Sun 03.12.2023
Mon 04.12.2023
Tue 05.12.2023
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Location of departure Address of location Time of departure Supplement or discount for departure from the place
Po dogovoru Po dogovoru 280 EUR

Conditions for free cancellation

The tour can be canceled free of charge no later than one day before departure. The tour can be canceled in case of extremely bad weather conditions.

Guide language

Serbian, English

Notes for transport

Private car for 4 persons. This tour is fully accustomized to your wishes and interests. This type of tour is ideal for people who expect a high level of service. The organizer of this tour specializes in exclusive rides for individual tourists, who want the high level of freedom, attention, and service from the beginning to the end of the tour.

Included in price

A car ride
Fuel costs
Driver's service
Free, Wi-FI

Not included in price

Entrance fees to the Manasija Monastery
Entrance fees to the Resava Cave
Lunch in the restaurant
Drinks and other individual costs

Other notes

The price is based on a minimum of 4 people. Obligatory supplement for less number of persons. The price for 2 persons is 120 EUR. The price per person is 80 euros for a minimum of 2 persons, the third person is 40 Euros and the fourth person is gratis. 40 Euros per person for a minimum of 4 people, supplement for only two persons 20 Euros per person; supplement for three persons would be 10 Euros per person.

Terms of payment

Payment to the organizer upon the departure.

Price from * : 65 EUR

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