Ovcar-kablar gorge and Takovo in one day

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All the beauties of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge in one day: a view of the meanders of the West Morava, a catamaran cruise, a visit to the monastery. In addition, a visit to Čačak, Ljubić hill and Takovo.


Enjoying the panorama of the city on the hill Ljubić
Panoramic sightseeing of the central city center of Čačak
A drive through the picturesque landscapes of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge
A walk through the woods to the top of Kablar
Catamaran ride to the monastery of Nikola and the meanders of the West Morava
Visit to the monastery of St. Nicholas
Lunch on Lake Medjuvrsje
Tour of Takovo

Tour description:



Departure  from Novi Sad at 7.30 am and from Belgrade at 09.00 am. Driving on the highway Miloš Veliki to Čačak.

We start the story of Čačak on the Ljubić hill, enjoying the panorama of the city. Ljubić has been at the crossroads of many nations that run over this area. From the Romans to Nemanjić, from the Turks to Tanasko Rajić. You will hear the story of the famous hajduk and gunner who wrote the first pages of the heroic struggle for the liberation of Serbia at this place in 1815. When we leave the Ljubić part of the city, cross the Morava, look back at the famous hall of the basketball club "Borac" and remember all the famous basketball legends, we will make a short panoramic tour of the central city center.
We enter a landscape of exceptional features where the river Zapadna Morava between the Ovčar and Kablar mountains which cut a deep gorge known as the Ovčar-Kablar gorge.

The Ovčar-Kablar gorge presents almost the untouched landscape of exceptional features in which the most beautiful images are hidden from the public eye. Its beauty is reflected in the inaccessibility of the natural environment!
Driving through the picturesque landscape, you will hear the story of the monasteries located on the slopes of these mountains, which form a group called the Little Serbian Holy Mountain. With a handful of interesting stories, we reach Ovčar spa where our adventure begins.
Departure of the group "OKK BUS" from Ovčar spa. Driving through rocky straits and high cuts, along the route of the old "Ćira train", through dark and narrow tunnels. Following the course of the West Morava, through its meanders, enjoying the beauties of the protected area of ​​the "small Serbian Holy Mountain", we reach the foot of Kablar. We will climb to the very top with a short walking path through the forest ... If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the feeling of connection with nature, in just one look, there will be so many unreal beauties, untouched surroundings ... The view from the top of Kablar will leave you breathless. 
Return of the group to Ovčar spa. We will complete this day by enjoying on the river! Departure of the group for a catamaran ride from the pier near the restaurant "Dom". Easy cruise to the monastery Nikolje, whose ancient walls are located right next to the waters of the Morava. A tour of the church dedicated to St. Nicholas, the residence of Prince Miloš Obrenović, and the monastery souvenir shop. You will have a chance to make a wish by going around the old pine tree three times in the hope that the Lord will hear it for you. Continuation of the cruise through the meanders of the Morava with a panoramic tour of the monastery, and the mountains Ovčar and Kablar ....
Upon arrival at Lake Medjuvrsje, we will have a lunch on the terrace of the restaurant you will enjoy the specialties of the Čačak region with a view of the greenery of the natural environment!

After lunch departure for Takovo. This village found its place on the political map of Europe back in 1815, when the Serbs, under the leadership of Prince Miloš Obrenović, raised the Second Serbian Uprising and started a decisive fight for liberation from Turkish rule. We will visit "Kneževe livade", a museum and a log cabin church dedicated to the uprising.

Return to Belgrade until 21.00 and to Novi Sad until 22.30.
End of program.

Dates of departure:

Sun 17.07.2022

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Conditions for free cancellation

Free cancellation up to 5 days before the tour starts.

Guide language

Serbian, English, other languages on a request

Notes for transport

The program is realized with vehicles with a minimum of 35 seats, and a maximum of vehicles with up to 55 seats.

Included in price

Transfer by high tourist class buses according to the itinerary and program
Accompanied by a licensed tour guide
Tour of Ljubić hill
Panoramic sightseeing "OKK BUS", according to the description
Catamaran ride
Tour of the Nikolje monastery
Lunch on the raft of Lake Medjuvrsje
Travel organization costs

Not included in price

Takovo entrance fee (1 EUR per person)
Drinks during lunch
Travel agency organization costs

Notes about children

This tour is free of charge for children under 7 years. We kindly ask people with children to write it in the note that they are traveling with their child/children so they would have their own seat in the bus. Children 7-14 years old have 50% discount. Please put their names in the reservation form. For every specific information about your child, please put it in the note while reservation, and the stuff from the office will contact you.

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