Serbian Rakia (Schnapps) tour

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Discover the world of rakija, eau-de-vie that fueled Serbian history, still the most widely drank strong drink here and an essential part of many daily rituals.


Rakia tasting

Tour description:

Rakija is a general name for “brandies” distilled from various fruits that grow in great abundance in Serbia. The essential one is šljivovica (plum brandy) of which Serbia is and has been the world’s leading producer for centuries, while other popular varieties include lozovača (from grapes), jabukovača (apple), kajsijevača (apricot), dunjevača (quince) etc.

We will try out the selection of very best Serbian rakijas in the specialized Rakija Bar where you will learn the essentials of its making and drinking but will also learn what food goes best with each rakija from Rakija Bar’s own connoisseur. Immerse yourself in new smells and tastes while learning about the culture and local habits of Serbia!  

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