Zlatar the Magnificent

Tue 27.08.2019

Magical scenery

The biggest advantage of a jeep safari tour is that you can stop anywhere to take the perfect panoramic photo or enjoy the stunning view. The "problem" with this beautiful mountain is that you’ll want to do it in every new place you lay your eyes on. This is what happens to all the visitors, no matter if they come there for the tenth or the first time. Find your own Zlatar adventure on this link: https://bit.ly/2NKyzej

The Three Gems of the Uvac 

Although created for electricity production purposes, the three lakes on the Uvac river have justifiably become a favorite destination for many tourists during the summer season. My hostess presents them to all the visitors with such a charm that no one won’t be able to easily choose his/her adventure on this emerald green water. Knowing the images speak more than a thousand words, see it for yourself. Visit SerbianAdventures youtube channel and watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Gck8jT6TZE

A Perfect Blend of Emerald and Beauty

I will digress for a moment with my childhood memories.  What I learned about sapphires, rubies ​​and, emeralds was from my aunt, the greatest expert in geography of Serbia and the gemstones as well.  I was about five years old when I first saw and remembered the color of each.  I flash-backed into that conversation the very moment I saw the color of the Zlatar Lake. It felt like I was surrounded by a liquid version of the emerald gemstone. Simply unforgettable!

If you crave for a perfect day spent in untouched nature, find your own adventure on the SerbianAdventures.com website or on this link:  https://bit.ly/2NKyzej