Drina regatta, a Carnival of Laughter and Fun

Wed 28.08.2019

That amount of laughter, song and friendly faces in one place can only be seen and experienced at the Drina Regatta! If you love this emerald-green river, the people and the summer, this floating carnival of joy is a must-see!

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For the first time on the road in Serbia, I experienced multi-kilometer bumper-to-bumper traffic filled with cheerful murmur and song, not the driver's nagging.  People are dancing in trailers, while boats and props are ready to be used on the water.  Whoever goes to the Drina Regatta carries with them only good vibes!

While I approach the place where the party on the water begins, I see torches and hear a choir singing at the dock by the dam. From the very beginning, I realize that I will be twinning with dozens of people by the end of the day.

It should be said that this manifestation is a way of maintaining the memory of ancient drift rafts. It gathers more than 100.000 visitors each summer and no dilemma, it is a sensational event!

The traditional splashing between teams is what the regatta does not go without. Of course, I found out that after I was already wet, but I didn’t care! The atmosphere was too jolly to be ruined by my whining. Our sailing started spontaneously, and a skilled skipper was with us to remind us of rowing when our joking became a little too much.

As we pass the famous river house on the Drina river, we take turns in pulling the camera.  For forty-five years this little house has survived everything that nature can throw at it. Balancing on a rock in the middle of the Drina River in Serbia, the house has been pounded by floods and high winds - yet still stands strong. The structure is located near the town of Bajina Basta and has become a well-known attraction for visitors to the area.


As the sun slowly began to fade, we’re slowly finishing our sailing. What follows is a warm-up for the afternoon and evening music program! All I can tell you about the party is - it was amazing!

If you’ve already regretted not hanging out with us this July, make it right next summer!

Let Serbian Adventures.com take care of your spot in the boat! See you there!