Novi Sad – The alluring charmer

Mon 20.08.2018

Author: Jelena Stefanović

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, and the ones who plan to visit it for the first time can expect to see a complete contrast from the capital, Belgrade. You’ll feel like you’re not in a small city, and on the other hand, you’ll also feel that there isn’t the characteristic rush and traffic jams characteristic of almost all cities with this size.

It’s considered a great thing, especially when after all the sightseeing you don't feel the typical tiredness, but rather the relaxation that this city emanates. And, if we want to make a joke, it’s on a complete plain – so there are no hills that can make us feel drained while walking.

One thing that completely won me over is the romantic and old appearance of the city. Parts that are beautiful for the tourist walks are not ruined with buildings of contemporary impersonal architecture. Novi Sad has a soul – it can be found in the harmonic Vojvodinian architecture, in its charming and polite people, and most importantly at the serene peacefulness met on every step of the way.

You don’t need a transportation vehicle through the city, it’s more magnificent to experience it on foot where you can get lost in every detail of every corner.

The most beautiful walk is through the Dunavska (Danube) street, one of the oldest of this city. True, it may never be empty and there will always be others who love walks through vivid streets like this one, but it will capture your heart even if you find yourself there on a sunny spring weekend when it’s the busiest.

This street will also lead you towards the Danube park – a true little oasis in the heart of the city. It’s not known whether this park is at its most beautiful during spring when everything blooms or in autumn when the yellow shades paint the trees. In the center of the park you can also find a little lake with swans and ducks, which gives a poetic picture to the most beautiful park in the Serbian Athens – as people call Novi Sad.

Aside from its fantastic spirit, Novi Sad has true photogenic attractions, which have many interesting stories behind them. Among them is the City Hall, the Roman Catholic Church (one of the city's symbols), Vojvodina’s bank building and many more. There are numerous cultural buildings, so I’m not surprised that this city will be the European cultural capital in few years. Then, all the spotlights will be on it, and I won’t even doubt that the city will shine bright in that role because it has many qualities that gladly shares with everyone that visits it.

When I visit the city, I always catch countless religious buildings, both Catholic and Orthodox, and there is also the Synagogue with an unusually magnificent architecture. And so I am reminded that I’m in a multicultural city.

The exploration of the city somehow always ends on the other side of the bridge, on Petrovoradin fortress. And if you ask me, the fortress isn’t the sole attraction, but also it’s surroundings: infinitely poetic small typical houses, cobblestone streets and the fast pace of the ever-flowing Danube.

Maybe I was wrong at the beginning of this story for one detail: in Novi Sad you can get tired in one moment – when you climb up the fortress. But, step by step and you can find yourself next to the Clock tower, another symbol of the city and the viewpoint that gives you Novi Sad and Danube on the palm of your hand.

Coffee with this view is probably the most gorgeous thing that we could give ourselves, so it’s always a great choice to sit down in a cafe and enjoy the view of Danube.

The famous Exit music festival is annually held on this fortress. Young generations never miss to visit it, and I think, if they feel young at heart and have no problem to dance to modern music till sunrise, older generations should come as well.

If I may add one more thing for Novi Sad it’s the real summer oasis – Strand, a bathing resort not far from the city center. If you visit the city in summer time, the hours between morning and evening walks can also be used for swimming and sunbathing on the sandy beach of Danube. This river gave Serbia a feel of sea on many places, even in Novi Sad.

And one thing that’s an absolute favorite personally is that this charming city is the perfect destination for foodies like me. Numerous gardens and farms around the city offer a real hedonistic paradise with every mouthwatering bite that automatically makes us smile and feel satisfied.

When you take all of this in account – it’s impossible not to fall in love with Novi Sad. Even if you are a fast-pace and energetic person (like me), I don’t think you won’t like it because of its peacefulness. On the contrary, energetic people like us always get blown away because every time we visit it, Novi Sad reminds us to take it slow and enjoy every moment of our lives.