Tito's Blue Train Adventurous Ride

Thu 09.01.2020

“We do like like Marshal Tito once used to do"

We have started the trip together with the crew that arrived from Novi Sad. At noon sharp, this once famous train ridden only by the former Yugoslav president, his First Lady, and their guests, carried the new passengers towards the city of Užice. Elders, who still remember the times when Tito was alive, were very happy to have the opportunity to sit in their favorite chairs and drink from their glasses.: “We're doing like Tito once used to do", they were saying, and we, younger, who do not have a clue of those times, remember the photos of Tito and his wife Jovanka Broz, smiling and waving from the train’s window. 

We all know who Tito was: he was the lifelong president of former Yugoslavia who died almost four decades ago, but the story about him has survived until the present days. And the memory of him still lives among people who lived happily in his times. That's why this trip was an unusual but interesting experience.

The right person for all the answers

Ms. Dragana has welcomed us on the train, always with a smile, our guide through the history of this train, through the history of Yugoslavia. If you ever had any dilemma about anything related to Tito – ask the staff of a train, they'll certainly know the answer.

The Salon crew

Upon entering the train, everyone seat wherever he/she wanted, choosing among coupe, bedrooms, salons, restaurants… We, who were craving for more stories had gathered in the salon and those who wanted to be left alone settled in one of the luxury equipped coupes. 

During the ride, we had refreshments of all kinds, but the real fun had started when we arrived at the destination. The train arrived in Užice in the late afternoon, and we were transferred to the hotel. Later that day, we had a great time during the thematic dinner in one of the best restaurants at the Zlatibor Mountain.

It's Ladies choice

That evening we had a great time with old music hits, dancing, laughing and enjoying.  Even after such a busy evening, we were all looking forward to tomorrow's trip to Uzice.

Just right after breakfast the next day, the new adventure started. When you woke up in such a beautiful environment like the one in Zlatibor mountain and inhale the fresh mountain air, nothing further isn’t difficult, even after such a joyful night. Now, we head straight to Užice, to the City center!

Tourist guides are the best!

Whenever you think you can do it yourself, just remember, as I did, of those great people who (I always wonder how) know all the information. Our tourist guides, great guys who showed us the National Museum of the City of Užice, the old Factory of ammunitions, the Kadinjača Memorial Complex and many other highlights in the area, are the best guide I've ever met. Sightseeing is always more interesting when you have the right person to show you around. 

The Republic of Užice

We started sightseeing by visiting the National Museum. This museum consists of two separate buildings, one of which is entirely devoted to the history of the Republic of Užice. “The Užice Republic” was first and only liberated territory during the Second World War that existed for only 67 days but was extremely important for the further course of events. Not so far from the museum are the underground tunnels in which once was located a factory of ammunition. For me, a tour through underground facilities accompanied by a qualified tour guide was one of the strongest impressions of this trip.

After the city sightseeing, one of the viewpoints and a very important cultural and historical monument was waiting for us – the Kadinjača Memorial Complex. It was windy and cold, but no one gave up. This place is fantastic for hikers and nature lovers. And the story about the whole partizan's brigade who sacrificed their lives to protect their families and the city was heartbreaking and soul-stirring.

And, what about the engine driver?

While the rest of the company talked to the media, I ’ve peeked into the locomotive. I was kindly welcomed and amused by our train driver! I won’t ever forget his sentence: „I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!“.

If you also wanted to be guest on this train, if you were a pioneer or would like to become one, whoever you are, wherever you go – this is a unique opportunity that shouldn’t be missed! And make sure that you meet the train crew. And don’t forget – the party is always the merriest in the first and the last wagon.

"Comrades, let's go back to Belgrade!"

This is where journey ended. The great news about the Blue train remained remembered, which, symbolically, started operating on November 29th. That day was a big holiday, once.  But there are days, like people, who are more than holidays, they are a feeling- quiet, alive and joyful, they are a feeling we unconditionally believe in, feeling we wish to keep. There are also cities that are something more, that have a sense of community, for a good story, for good people, cities that are like “once upon a time”. Užice is for sure one of them.

If you feel like riding this luxurious train, visit our website  www.SerbianAdventures.com and book your seat. But, first, check out for available dates of departure.