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Mon 13.09.2021

All You Need to Know Before Your Novi Sad Tour

Novi Sad - Places to Visit

Novi Sad is not only the cultural hub but also the home of Exit, one of the most popular music festivals in this part of Europe. Visiting it until the end of 2022 will be one of the best decisions since this city won the title of European Capital of Culture in 2022. Whether your reason for visiting Serbia is the free Covid vaccine or you're a digital nomad on a trip, NS is definitely one of the best choices in this part of the Balkan Peninsula. Here are the must-visit spots in Serbian Athens - another attribute this place has. 

Start from the Center and Freedom Square 

Freedom Square is a starting point for sightseeing here. A monument dedicated to a great Serbian revolutionist, the Name of Mary Church that dominates the skyline,  18th-century facades, charming cafes - where you can freely sit since there are no limitations due to Covid-19 restrictions, and much more is waiting for you to discover!

Freedom Square in Novi Sad

The Museum of Vojvodina and Galleries That Hide the Masterpieces of Serbian Art Are Must-Sees on this Cultural Route 

The Museum of Vojvodina is an art and natural history museum. The collection houses some of the most notable art pieces of famous European painters like Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, and Jan van Huysum, significant archaeological findings, and a setting that shows typical traditional life in Vojvodina. 

If you want to get a glimpse of the art movements of national art and see some valuable collections of European art, then visiting the Gallery of Matica Srpska and Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection is a must

Petrovaradin Fortress - the Best Spot in Novi Sad to Watch the Sunset 

Located at one of the highest spots in the city, overlooking the Danube and the rest of the place, stands the Petrovaradin Fortress, one of the oldest fortresses in Europe. The first fortress was built by the Celts in the 4th century BC, and all further conquerors left traces on the fortress - Romans, Hungarians, Ottoman Turks, and Habsburgs, who gave the fortress the final look in the 17th century. 

Underground military galleries, the Clock Tower - the symbol of this place, and one of the best viewpoints in the city overlooking the Danube river make the Petrovaradin Fortress the greatest tourist attraction of the Capital of the North to discover. 

Clock tower on the Petrovaradin Fortress

Things to Do in Novi Sad - A Wine Tasting Tour in Fruška Gora Wineries 

Fruska Gora is one of five national parks in Serbia, and it hides unspoiled nature, numerous Christian Orthodox monasteries, and world-class wineries only 120 km away from Belgrade. Going for some monastery tours is definitely a must-do! Combined with delicious specialties, wine tasting gives a whole new level to Fruska Gora and is one of the tours that are definitely worth a try. Also, many monasteries produce their own selection of wines, so be prepared for serious tasting sessions during the Fruska Gora wine tour

Private Full or Half-Day Tour to Fruska Gora 

Fruska Gora is easily accessible both from Belgrade and Novi Sad. And if you want a unique experience, booking a private full or half-day tour is a great way to enjoy all the beauties of this national park and local wine. The tour usually entails visits to three different wineries and one monastery. There is also the possibility to create a tailor-made option, with the assistance of a guide in English or any other language, for all those who want to use their time to the maximum. 

Good to know: English is widely spoken in the whole country, and Serbians are, in general, considered one of the best English speakers in Europe.