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Popular and Hidden Gems to See on Your Belgrade Tour

Tue 14.09.2021

Welcome to Belgrade, the City on Two Rivers 

At the mouth of two rivers Danube and Sava, lies Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and one of the biggest Balkan cities. The vibrant, friendly, safe, and easily accessible European city is located at the crossroads of Europe. 

Rich history, unique culture, friendly people, a relaxed atmosphere, and unforgettable nightlife have made this place one of the favorite choices of many tourists all around the globe. The Danube River that connects the place with the rest of Europe, luxury hotels with world-class service, and the vicinity of other Serbian tourist attractions are the main reasons why so many travelers choose BG for their base when on a trip to Serbia. 


Taste Belgrade Food and Experience one of the Most Popular Tours 

The food in Belgrade is something that will leave you speechless. In general, Serbia is recognized as a foodie's heaven. High-quality products, authentic traditional recipes, and hundreds of restaurants serving delicious food are another reason why you will want to come back to RS! 

Skadarlija, the Serbian Edition of Montmartre 

If you're looking for a bohemian quarter of the city, then Skadarlija should definitely have a place in your sightseeing plan. A former meeting point of poets, artists, and painters, today, this cobbled street is a famous tourist attraction. Filled with numerous restaurants that organize music programs every single night, Skadarlija is a must-visit point if you want to feel the real Belgradian spirit and culture. Aside from entertainment, in Skadarlija, you can taste some really delicious food, so make sure to spend at least one afternoon there.


The Secrets of Belgrade Only Local Guide Can Reveal

Like in any other place, there are some secrets only local guides can reveal. To come across all the exciting stories, don't hesitate to find a local guide in English or any other language, who will take you on a walking sightseeing tour and get all the answers you're interested in. Here are some tours to consider when on a trip to RS.

The Underground Secrets of Belgrade Tour

One of the main symbols of the place is the Kalemegdan Fortress, the largest park and a remarkable monument that tells the story of many conquerors who tried to make Belgrade theirs. The statue of Pobednik (the Victor) and stunning views of the mouth of two rivers are the famous sights of the place. However, the real fun lies beneath the fortress. 

The Underground Tour takes you not only through the attractions and monuments but also through history and time. During this walking tour that lasts for around three hours, you will visit the Roman Well, a WW2 military bunker - the military museum is located in Kalemegdan Fortress too, and so is a large gunpowder warehouse, all followed by wine tasting. The best thing is you can make it private and schedule at the time and part of the day you suit mostly.

Full-Day Private Kayak Tour Through Nature - Big War Island 

The Big War Island is located at the very confluence of rivers Sava and Dunav. Since it is not easily approachable, nature is unspoiled here. If you want a real adventurous experience, then visiting this island on a kayak adventure is definitely the top choice for you! The tours begin from Kalemegdan Fortress, and during this excursion, you will see gorgeous views of the old core of the city and the rivers while enjoying nature to the fullest. 

The Oldest Tavern in the City 

In Serbia, taverns are called kafana. In Serbian tradition they enjoy a special status since many important political decisions of the past were made there. One of those, for many foreigners, strange establishments are situated at the very center. The Tavern Question Mark (?) has been working for almost 200 years in an authentic interior that hasn't changed since then! The traditional dishes you can taste only here and stories about the most important events that vitaly influenced the history, took place right in this kafana comprise a unique experience you can get only here! According to many reviews, Question Mark is rated as one of the best restaurants, so don’t miss visiting it!

The Rakija Tours - Something You'll Want to Try Again on Your Trip in Serbia 

The national drink of Serbians is rakija - a drink with a high percentage of alcohol, made of fruits - apple, plum, peach, cherries, quince, even walnut. The most famous rakija is definitely of the plum variety, but once you try a few more, we are sure you'll like all of them! The Rakija Tour includes the tasting of five different drinks served in authentic bottles, followed by appetizers like smoked ham, a selection of cheeses, and traditional cornbread. 

Good to know: This is a walking tour. Make sure not to overdrink rakija!


Book a Private One-Day Tour and Explore the City the Way You Like It!

Ready to explore the hidden spots of the Serbian capital? Make sure to organize those excursions the moment you arrive in Belgrade and enjoy all the highlights with the help of a local guide. To do it in the easiest way, ensure to check our free online system and book the tours you like most.

Whether you're a digital nomad on your trip to the Balkans or you came to Serbia to get vaccinated for free, a two-week trip will be enough to see the fascinating Belgradian sights and enjoy your stay. Another best thing is there are no restrictions related to Covid 19 virus, so that all tourists can enjoy their stay without limits!