Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad

The Best Places to Visit in Serbia

Tue 14.09.2021

Cosmopolitan Cities Worth of Visiting 

At the crossroads of Europe and the East, this country always had turbulent times. Its cities remember all and tell those wonderful stories. Although rich in history, those cities are providing some great fun too, so here are the spots you should stop by when exploring RS. 

Belgrade - One of Europe's Most Happening Cities

If you're looking for a vibrant spot within Europe, good fun, and rich nightlife, Belgrade is then the right place for you! However, besides it offers so many options to find fun, Belgrade also hides some of the famous Serbian landmarks. Saint Sava Temple - one of the biggest sacred buildings in the world, the Victor Statue, Kalemegdan Fortress, Nikola Tesla Museum, Museum of Yugoslavia, and many more sights are simply must-see when in Belgrade! 

Another good thing to try in Belgrade is cruising through the Danube river. This cruise can take you to one of five national parks in the country - Djerdap, or it can last for a couple of hours. Whatever you decide, just make sure to book a tour in advance, because those tours are one of the most popular ones in BG. 

Victor statue in Belgrade


Novi Sad Is the Cultural Capital of the State

Since the main airport is located in BG, once you finish with your Belgrade tour, the next step is to come to the second-popular city in the state. Novi Sad is everything that BG is not - relaxed, slow, and less crowded. Another benefit of Novi Sads location is that Fruska Gora is only 25 km away from the downtown. Hence, the most luxurious wineries, finest restaurants, and lush nature are only a fifteen-minute drive. 

Galleries, theatres, universities, Petrovaradin Fortress - another famous landmark and home to one of the largest European music festivals Exit, and many buildings that tell stories about the rich past will definitely occupy your attention. So, finding a local guide who can present you with the city’s life is an excellent option to explore this gorgeous place on the Danube. 

the central square in Novi Sad 


Subotica - the Most Colorful Town in RS 

Situated at the very North of the country, at the border with Hungary, lies Subotica, the most colorful and picturesque town in RS. Art Nouveau architecture, and the vicinity of one of the greatest Serbia tourist attractions - Palic lake, which was the main gathering spot of the elite, make Subotica so attractive to tourists. 

Galleries, museums, multiple luxurious wineries, traditional farmhouses that prepare specific dishes of Vojvodina cuisine, and stables complete the whole experience of North spirit. If you're about to end your Novi Sad tour, make sure to continue exploring the North and proceed further to Subotica, a cute town where many sights are waiting to be discovered. 

Main square in Subotica


Monasteries - Indispensable Places to Visit 

Christian Orthodox Church has played a crucial role in the development of the state. In medieval times, monasteries here were not only spiritual but educational centers too. Schools, pressrooms, libraries, and crowning places - all this was happening in monasteries. So, if you're wondering what to do in Serbia and what Serbia places to visit, taking some of the Serbian monastery tours should definitely be on your list! 

Serbia Points of Interest - Monasteries Studenica, and Zica 

One of the first endowments of the royal dynasty of Nemanjic, close to each other, those two monasteries are just must-visit places when taking a trip to RS. Zica is the crowning place of seven kings built-in 13-century, while Studenica presents the masterpiece of medieval architecture and fresco painting from the end of the 12th century and is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. 

Monastery Manasija - the Endowment of the Last Serbian Ruler 

The greatest knight, warrior, and most educated Serban ruler after the state had finally fallen into Ottomans hands, Stefan the Great Lazarevic, built this gorgeous fortified monastery near the Resava river. Here, this noble ruler who was the knight of Order of the Dragon established his endowment with school and library, so some of the most valuable books were transcribed here.

Today, the monastery has one of the best-preserved fortress walls and is a place of Knight Games - an event where knight societies from all over the world come to compete and promote Knightley codex and skills. All this is the reason why we enlisted as the top place to visit in Serbia.


National Parks Are Easy to Access 

There are five national parks in the country, of which four are mountains. Djerdap, Fruska Gora, Tara, Kopaonik, and Shar Mountain are the finest examples of unspoiled nature that preserves hundreds of endemic species. 

Fruska Gora - the Capital of Wine 

Only 25 km away from the biggest city in the Northern part of the country - Novi Sad, Fruska Gora is one of the most remarkable places in the whole country. Medieval monasteries, wineries that produce high-quality wine, lush nature, and great infrastructure are the main reasons why you shouldn't miss visiting this site. 

National Park Tara - Top Kept Serbian Secret

Tara mountain is undoubtedly considered the most beautiful national park in the country! Located at the west, at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, hugged by the Drina river, stands Tara - the emerald mt. Believe it or not, three-quarters of the mt. space is covered with forests! Around 1,200 different plant species found their home here, and many of them are endemic, while Serbian Spruce and two species of edelweiss are found in RS only!   

Dense forests, Zaovine and Perucac lakes, and 13th-century monastery Rača - endowment of King Dragutin Nemanjic, are enough reasons to visit this gorgeous mountain

Best Mountains for Skiing and Sightseeing 

Serbian mountains are just the perfect spot for re-establishing your connection with natural beauties and adrenaline sports activities. Combined with delicious traditional food, many sites in the vicinity, wonderful landscapes, and friendly locals, it is obvious why this option is suitable for your next holiday. Here are the two most popular mounts in RS.

Zlatibor Is the Most Popular, and Attractive Mountain in RS 

Zlatibor is one of the most urbanized mountains in RS. With hundreds of different accommodations, ski slopes adjusted for kids, the longest gondola in RS - 9 km, and the vicinity of some other Serbia attractions like Zlatibor presents one of the most popular spots. 

Mokra Gora and Drvengrad - the city built by famous director Emir Kusturica, the oldest rail-trail in the country that still functions, delicious food, and welcoming local people are only a few of the reasons why to explore this mt.