Tito's Blue Train Tour

Tito’s Blue Train Tour


The famous Blue Train, once used only for the needs of Josip Broz Tito, former President of the SFR Yugoslavia now is available to individual tourists from Serbia, the region and abroad, who can travel on this luxury train for an affordable price.

This long-unused and partly forgotten train will go on its journey after many years and this time not as an honored luxurious transport, but for tourist purposes to illustrate the sublime and high-quality life of the first president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

The Blue Train is a great attraction and novelty in the tourist offer of Serbia and the Balkans. Because of its originality and exclusivity, it is believed it will attract the attention of all fans of unusual and original travels, both domestic and foreign

The tour titled "Tito's Blue Train to the Republic of Uzice" will start on Friday, November 29, 2019,  and take the first passengers to Uzice, the city where the first liberated territory was formed in World War II.  From there, they’ll head to Zlatibor to be accommodated in a four-star hotel and experience an unforgettable evening "spiced" with good food and old-time sounds.  

Moreover, two interesting excursions will be organized the next day so that passengers can see the cultural and historical heritage of the area. But that's not all!

Starting this November, the Blue Train tours will be held every month till April under the "winter" program, while those from April to October will be conducted under the "summer" program, which will be enriched with more optional trips.  Both versions are suitable not only for individual tourists but also for guests traveling through the Balkans, as well as for closed groups (team building, etc.) for which the tour can be organized in other terms in accordance with their wish.

The tour can be booked on this website directly through this link: