Petrovaradin fortress in Novi Sad

The Best Places to Visit in Serbia

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Serbia? Stay tuned, and take a look at our ultimate guide of the must-see spots of Serbian tourist attractions, and discover one of the most interesting European countries. Visiting Serbia (RS) these days is definitely a good idea! Not only because there is no lockdown or any restrictions related to Covid-19, but also because all foreigners can get free vaccines! For that reason, spending a two-week holiday in this small state in the south of Europe is more than a good deal! Here is what to visit in Serbia without missing any of the major Serbian landmarks.

Tara National Park viewpoint

The Best and Most Beautiful Serbia Mountains to Visit

Five national parks, of which four are mountains, and a number of other extraordinary natural beauties prove why the Serbia mountains are some of the greatest tourist attractions in the country. Here are the mountains you can visit during your stay in this corner of the world that will reveal all the breathtaking spots and viewpoints on unspoiled nature! Visiting during these times is definitely a good option, since the government has provided free vaccinations for all foreigners, and there are no restrictions or actual lockdown! Restaurants, cafes, museums, and all other tourist attractions work as usual.

Celije Monastery in the vicinity of Valjevo

Serbian Monastery Tours

Since Covid-19 vaccination is free in Serbia, even for tourists, taking a trip to this Balkan country for those who want to protect their health is definitely a good idea. Two weeks will be just enough to complete the full vaccination and explore the whole country. Visiting at least one Serbian monastery during this tour is a must. In the national history and culture, monasteries have always been those crucial spots that influenced the development of the whole country. Rich frescoes painted by some of the best masters of that time, beautiful scenery, and fairytale-like stories about medieval times are only a small piece of the compelling puzzle that churches in Serbia tell. Here are the spots you should not miss when taking a tour through Serbia!

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Popular and Hidden Gems to See on Your Belgrade Tour

If you decided to take advantage of the free vaccination Serbia provides, even for foreigners, then experiencing the most unique Belgrade tour during your two-week stay is something you should definitely organize. Discover the hidden gems of this vibrant city, and enjoy its atmosphere. Here are all those small experiences that will make your holiday an unforgettable memory!

Novi Sad

Novi Sad Tour

If you plan to travel to Serbia and stay for two weeks while you get a vaccine against Covid-19, which is free even for tourists, then a Novi Sad tour is something you should not miss. Only 100 km away from the capital city - Belgrade, Novi Sad (NS), is considered the northern and cultural capital of the country. Rich history, the vicinity of the Fruska Gora National Park and numerous wineries, and a seaside-like atmosphere at the banks of Danube are only a few of the reasons to visit this vibrant place. Novi Sad is one of the must-see spots when you travel to the Balkans. Here is a guide to essential spots to visit when in the second-largest city in Serbia and before this great trip comes to an end. 

Tito's Blue Train Adventurous Ride

Tito’s opulent Blue train left the Topčider Train Station on November 29th, after sitting idle at the train depot for many decades. But in spite of that, the interior of the train has remained preserved as it was while President Tito was alive. This was a very unusual but interesting journey, which ended with songs, toasts and new friendships. In short, it was a great experience.

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